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May 29, 2009

Well, we got a great surprise today. A volunteer went to get a pallet of donated litter and they gave us FOUR pallets! Woohoo! Considering our vet bill for the month of May is $10,000+, we are sooo grateful to not have to worry about spending money on litter for at least a couple months!

Our shep mix puppies will start to join us tomorrow! Yay, puppies!!  This week was not an easy one, so many sad cases this week, so well socialized puppies joining us at the shelter will make us smile.  Its hard to find good homes that are up for puppies and all the work they bring. We need to find homes that will be willing to put in the work it takes to make a puppy a good family member, a family that will still love them when they are BIG, because these puppies WILL be big!Femora

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May 28, 2009

Today we had to help Linn cross to The Bridge. Kathy held his paw until an angel took her place, he was struggling to breathe with all the fluid on his chest. I am grateful we were able to give him another year in his life that he wouldnt have gotten had his breeder had her way.  God speed Linn, we will meet again…..

On a happier note, forgot to say yesterday that Zorro (really Toto), a former puppy mill dog, went home with his family!  What a happy ending to his story! 

Today, Femora was walking on both her broken legs already!  Can you believe it?  What a little survivor she is!  The doc that pinned her broken legs is so amazed at her courage and strength, and so are we!  I am goign to post a picture of her tomorrow.

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May 27, 2009

A really tough week at the shelter, today we found out that Linn our last Aby at the shelter (from the Aby Rescue 2008) with FeLV has FIP and is fading fast..this is breaking all our hearts. We also found one of our kitties on the streets that was supposed to be safe in a foster home.  This is the hard part of doing what we do, however, we have to remember that with Linn, we gave him another year of life that his breeder didnt want to give him.  At least when we have to let him go, it will be to relieve his suffering, not to “get rid” of an inconvenience like his breeder wanted to do. 

Better news:  Femora, 2 broken leg kitty is back at the shelter and doing great, $1500 baby.  If anyone can help with even $5 towards her bill, she truly is worth it! She is a survivor! Pharoh is FeLV/FIV -, another rescued survivor on the streets with no claws!

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May 26, 2009

Little Femora, kitty w/2 broken legs had surgery today to repair them, she is resting comfortably w/a pain drip. I will post a picture of her soon. Good thoughts for her speedy recovery please!

Only 10 days left to purchase tickets to the Wizard’s game on 6/13. If we sell 150 of them through HELP Humane we will be the “Charity of the Match” which comes with desperately needed exposure for the animals at our shelter.

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May 22, 2009

Wow, what “another” day!  Today, we found out that it will be $1800 to fix up this poor kitty (Femora is her name).  We are going to have to do some fundraising to make that happen.  Because of it being Friday before a 3 day weekend, she is not going to be able to be fixed up until Tuesday 😦  Right now she cannot even move, how sad is that? 

We also got a new kitty in today, Pepper, he is 8 yrs old and displaced because his owner was taken to a nursing facility.  A volunteer couple is fostering him until we can get an integration cage open, they are all filled with our dental patients from this month.  Seventeen dentals!! 

We are looking for a foster home for mama Beagle (Bonnie) and her seven 2-wk old puppies!  Anyone up for a pile of joy??

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May 21, 2009

Today was one of those hard days. A rescued kitty, underweight but otherwise healthy looking, tested positive for Feline Leukemia :-( Although he will still be able to “live” because we are TRUE No Kill, its still sad because now his chances for adoption are nil. The staff and volunteers will be his family but its still just not the same as his own family.
Then our vet clinic called to say that someone brought in a kitty that had been hit by a car they found laying in the road. She is only about 6 mths old, she has 2 broken legs. Add to that, the broken legs are 1 right front and 1 left back! It looks like one will have to be amputated and hopefully we will get a call back from a vet that can pin the other one at a price that we can handle! Of course, we will figure out a way to pay! Please send good thoughts for her recovery. She just started living! Thank goodness they both found their way to HELP Humane where they will be given the chance they deserve!

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