May 21, 2009

Today was one of those hard days. A rescued kitty, underweight but otherwise healthy looking, tested positive for Feline Leukemia :-( Although he will still be able to “live” because we are TRUE No Kill, its still sad because now his chances for adoption are nil. The staff and volunteers will be his family but its still just not the same as his own family.
Then our vet clinic called to say that someone brought in a kitty that had been hit by a car they found laying in the road. She is only about 6 mths old, she has 2 broken legs. Add to that, the broken legs are 1 right front and 1 left back! It looks like one will have to be amputated and hopefully we will get a call back from a vet that can pin the other one at a price that we can handle! Of course, we will figure out a way to pay! Please send good thoughts for her recovery. She just started living! Thank goodness they both found their way to HELP Humane where they will be given the chance they deserve!


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