May 27, 2009

A really tough week at the shelter, today we found out that Linn our last Aby at the shelter (from the Aby Rescue 2008) with FeLV has FIP and is fading fast..this is breaking all our hearts. We also found one of our kitties on the streets that was supposed to be safe in a foster home.  This is the hard part of doing what we do, however, we have to remember that with Linn, we gave him another year of life that his breeder didnt want to give him.  At least when we have to let him go, it will be to relieve his suffering, not to “get rid” of an inconvenience like his breeder wanted to do. 

Better news:  Femora, 2 broken leg kitty is back at the shelter and doing great, $1500 baby.  If anyone can help with even $5 towards her bill, she truly is worth it! She is a survivor! Pharoh is FeLV/FIV -, another rescued survivor on the streets with no claws!


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