May 28, 2009

Today we had to help Linn cross to The Bridge. Kathy held his paw until an angel took her place, he was struggling to breathe with all the fluid on his chest. I am grateful we were able to give him another year in his life that he wouldnt have gotten had his breeder had her way.  God speed Linn, we will meet again…..

On a happier note, forgot to say yesterday that Zorro (really Toto), a former puppy mill dog, went home with his family!  What a happy ending to his story! 

Today, Femora was walking on both her broken legs already!  Can you believe it?  What a little survivor she is!  The doc that pinned her broken legs is so amazed at her courage and strength, and so are we!  I am goign to post a picture of her tomorrow.


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