June 5, 2009

Poor Angie found a kitty on the side of the road this morning that had been hit by a car, had massive internal injuries and we had to let her go to The Bridge. Angie has NEVER had to hold a paw while they moved on. WHY would someone not stop to help an animal they hit on the road?  Do those people not think about the suffering that they are ignoring?  Do they just go about their day and that animal doesnt even cross their mind again?

Several kitties got in a brawl tonight under the T-kennels and it was not pretty, we couldnt get to them to get them broken up and Amanda, who is a traumatized kitty as it is was pretty shaken up.  Once we got her out of there, she went to another room and crashed out.  Later she was calmer and let me give her some attention.  I felt really bad about what happened to all of them 😦


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