March 19, 2011

Yesterday we had an exciting morning. The local TV station has their traffic copter do “flyovers” of schools and local businesses. We were lucky to be selected to get one, you know, free publicity. We made big banners w/all our info on it. About 20 people showed up and of course, they were late w/the copter, and the wind was crazy BUT it wasnt raining!

About 30 minutes after we were expecting him, he rolled in and circled to make sure that he was facing our banners and we all waved like crazy, hopefully it will let some people know we are here.

Adoptions really are low right now. We are trying to get good pictures and videos posted to try and encourage people to adopt one of our babies. There are so many groups right now, 16 yrs ago when we started this org, there were not many. Glad that more are being saved, just need to work harder at getting adoptions done.

HD somehow got his cast off last night and had to be taken to the emergency vet to have it replaced, little stinker!  He is lucky to have great foster parents that were willing to get him to the vet at that time of night.

We are beginning to move our FIV+ kitties to a bigger area in the shelter. We are going to do this slowly so to cause as little stress as possible. People will be forced to walk through their area, maybe this will help with getting some adopted, they deserve homes too!

Five weeks from today is Picassos for Pets. We are still accepting artwork donations for this auction. Please come out and support our homeless animals and buy some awesome artwork. Here is a link to find out more info on this event


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