March 21, 2011

Wow, things have really been hopping at the shelter! On Saturday, we got the FIV+ cats and another room (smaller number of cats) exchanged. Everyone took it pretty well, except Thyme (in the FIV+ room, he’s almost feral) and Chevy (the other room and he is semi feral). But on Sunday, they were calming down some. The FIV+ cats have much more room now, I feel really good about getting them moved into a bigger area!

Our phones had been out on Friday and Saturday, couple that with the downpouring of rain on Saturday and we were not busy at all with visitors 😦 which means no one wanting to adopt.

Sunday was a crazy day, our phone line was repaired and the phone repair “woman” actually gave us her cell phone to call her directly if we had more probs, she asked all sorts of questions about our kitties. Then she brought up back fresh eggs to cook and mix in with the kitties food 🙂

Pansy got adopted! But almost didnt. She was showing at PetSmart and a family (with no other cats) wanted to adopt her but a PetSmart employee told her all sorts of bunk about alot of applications on Pansy (there wasnt one!) yadda yadda. Sounded like an employee that just didnt want to miss with any of the kitties 😦 Luckily, the adopter came to the shelter and talked to us directly. She had a copy of her lease, so we were able to verify that pets were allowed and with no other pets, didnt have to contact her vet. This is a GREAT match for Pansy, she doesnt like other cats at all! The new adopter said “oh, so she is a diva? I love it” We thought that was cute, glad we didnt miss out on a home for Pansy!

Had several other people in looking at adopting. The most AWESOME happening for the day was an elderly woman with no other cats that wants to adopt a pair. Bri talked to her about the FIV+ cats and she wants to adopt a PAIR OF FIV+!! She said after hearing about them from Bri, she feels like these cats really “need” her! She lost her 2 old cats and her husband in this past year. This is so awesome for a pair of FIV+. Everyone please think good thoughts that she will be back this week to pick them out. We are going to go get her if she doesnt come back 🙂

Also got an application on Veronika, she has grown up in the shelter, born in July 10, she is the last one of her litter and is finally getting “chosen”. Although the woman really wanted white kitties, a pair and had seen her online, but her sister just got adopted last week. So, when she comes back this week with her mother, we are going to show them Maya and Angelo. This home would be really good for M & A, a quiet home and she does want two bonded ones. Sooooo, it maybe a good thing for M & A, we will keep you updated!

Filming started for our FIV+ documentary and educational video. We are hoping this will get some better info out there about these guys and get some placed. All in all, a great day!!!


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    michele said,

    wow, you guys are always working on the next thing- great job !

    that would be awesome if that lady adopted two FIV pos. kitties, it would probably be good for her too 🙂

    Keep up the great work !

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