March 28, 2011

I cant believe that it’s been a week since I posted anything. This past week truly is a blur, lots of stuff to catch you up on.

Wednesday we had our first “A Black Tail Affair” meeting. We are really excited about this event, mark your calendars, its 09/10/11, fun date huh? The theme is “A Night of Childhood Memories”, lots of fun stuff planned. Amazing dinner, excuse to “dress up” and spend your time and money helping out homeless animals. Amazing silent auction. Bryan Busby from Channel 9 in KC will be our MC, he’s a hoot and a big cat lover. We could use some help with planning this, would you like to help?

We pulled a kitty from Independence AC, they wouldnt let her be adopted out because they said she had “neurological issues”, she was going to be killed 😦 Anyway, she seemed fine accept sometimes she appeared to not see well. She visited the eye specialist on Tues morning and she does have some “impaired” vision as he called it. Said some of the rods/cones werent firing right in the back of her eye. Way too complicated for a “layman” to understand but basically, she didnt have some sort of disease or anything like that. He just said her vision is somewhat impaired, was most likely genetic, wouldnt get worse or better. Here is her picture, she’s a crazy thing, so cute!  She went home with a volunteer on Sunday to see if she gets along with her other cats, if she does, she has a home!  Her name is Hot Tamale, Tamale for short! Cutie, huh?

Thursday we had a booth at a local business that has a “Health and Wellness Fair”. The company believes that animals play an important part in a person’s “health and wellness”, isnt that cool?! We met lots of people and talked about HELP Humane. We may have even adopted out one of our dogs to someone we met there. They are moving and want another dog, they really liked our Titan, fingers crossed for that boy!

Through this week, we had been hearing that there were several senior cats at a local Animal Control facility that were being listed as “urgent”, that usually means they are about to kill them. Little did we know that things were going to become horribly ugly by Friday with this situation. Rescue emails were flying by Friday afternoon that one of these senior cats listed as “urgent” was very ill in the “shelter”. This facility actually doesnt “test” or “alter” their felines, they just throw them all together in a “run” without doing anything first. Why should they, they will kill alot of them, so why “vet” them. I was absolutely mortified to hear that a senior cat, after spending 12 years with her family, was dumped in this shelter, forced to live in a run w/14 other cats she didnt know. No one cared enough to see that she was basically “dying” in that run. When someone did notice and took her to see the vet that is ON STAFF, the vet said “she was about 3/4 dead when they brought her to me to see”. Can you believe that???

I am going to end this here because its taken over 24 hours to get this far. Will write more tomorrow, as you can see there are alot of things going on right now.


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  1. 1

    Cyndi said,

    Again – THANK YOU for saving those SR pets, and especially Princess. At least she passed away with dignity in the loving arms of someone who cared and not just with a bunch of cats whom that stupid shelter considers “trash”. My heart still breaks for them!

  2. 2

    michele said,

    The Wellness Fair was a great idea ! There are so many creative people on the HELP team 🙂

  3. 3

    Dawn said,

    The Belton Community Center is getting ready to have a health and wellness fair in April. Just a thought….

  4. 5

    helphumane said,

    Dawn, I am going to check into that, not sure if they “believe” in animals being a big part of health and wellness, but will ask, thanks!

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