March 30, 2011 – Princess

I ended the last post with the beginning of what turned out to be quite a horrible experience with HELP Humane. As I said, we found out about several seniors that were given up by their “families” and needed out of that “shelter”. Anyway, I met someone at Halfway Home Adoptions (horrible horrible place). I cannot go into one of these places, it gives me nightmares. So a wonderful person names Sharon met me there, bless her heart, she was racing the clock, had to pick up her grandson at a specific time but she made sure she got Princess released from hell. She also brought out Josie. We were able to pull 2 of the seniors that day. I was mortified when I saw Princess. Sharon said “I think she is dying” and I said “not on my watch, I am heading for our vet directly”

When I arrived at the vet, no one could believe the condition of this precious soul Princess, she couldnt lift her head. She purred the entire time. Green gunk coming from her eyes and nose, I dont know how she was breathing. Her temp was only 98 degrees, she was dying. They drew blood and got IV fluids going, I knew it was bad but she was still fighting so we were too. Got her settled on a heating pad and she just laid there, immobile, horribly sick and broken hearted. HOW can a “family” dump their cat of 12 years in a high kill shelter??? That was just the FIRST wrong that was done to this baby girl!

During that evening, Princess actually got to her litterbox to urinate, no one saw her, they just found the urine. This poor baby couldnt hold her head up but she still managed to get to her box and urinate!  We hoped and prayed along with tons of our friends on FB, volunteers and staff, through the weekend. We were hopeful because she had made it past that first night.

On Monday morning the staff came into Belton Animal Clinic and found her fairly unresponsive. She began to violently vomit some horrible coffee grounds like substance. They were holding her and comforting her and she slipped away. She had no more fight in her. I cannot tell you what this loss did to so many people. First off, how does her “family” do this to her and second, how does an “animal shelter” let this happen? NO ONE CARED! She was 3/4 dead before their on-staff vet even saw her!! This cruelty and neglect should NEVER happen, let alone in a “shelter”

The anger and grief everyone felt at this preventable suffering and death was palpable, no one could concentrate etc. On Monday night I wrote a “pleading” email to the staff at this shelter begging them to stop this cruelty and neglect. Very nicely, I begged them to test, vaccinate and speuter the cats and then SLOWLY integrate them. I told them that is was irresponsible to throw cats (not tested, not vaccinated, intact) into “pens” together. I told them that most “owned” cats dumped in a shelter have broken hearts and lose the will to live, that it was our responsibilty as shelters to help them get thier will to live back. The emails that were returned to me were beyond ugly. They went on and on about how they cant “afford” to do this like HELP can because HELP gets grants and tons of donations. Not even sure WHERE they got that!! Anyway, just horrible ugliness was returned and basically they said they are “too busy” with stuff to do the “right thing”. This is a travesty in animal sheltering! I am curious to know if tax payers in Kansas City, MO would appreciate their tax dollars being given to this group of obviously uncaring people?

It was obvious, these “people” werent going to change anything, in fact, they told us “let’s move on”, basically saying Princess’ life meant nothing to them. I have been in touch with a group that is hoping to get this “organization” out of there in the next month. Princess’ file from when she entered into our vet clinic last Friday has been turned over to them and will become a part of a listing of horror stories that have happened at the hands of these people. I can only hope that this happens and the suffering/neglect of these precious animals will be stopped! If you are a KCMO taxpaper, you should start asking questions! Godspeed Princess, you deserved better, so do all animals!


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    michele said,

    i believe that putting a number of cats in a pen, un-neutered, un-vaccinated is totally unacceptable. I had no idea they did that in this day and age and I just can’t believe it still. The toms are going to fight, the healthy are exposed to disease, and this is NOT a normal situation for cats at all, being kept in a group like this.
    Where are all these animal control officers you see on Animal Planet that weep at bad conditions and nurture the animals back to health. Obviously not in Kansas City.
    I cant believe they take animals away from bad owners and off the streets only to do this with them. This shows that the pound is not there for the animals well-being but for the sake of getting them out of people’s way, off the streets and out of sight.

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    Jennifer said,

    I’m a fan on facebook, and donated money recently to help with the vet costs and the overall care of all of the animals you help. Reading this story on FB over the last week had me in tears, and reading this post has me crying all over again. I am so glad you’ve turned over information to someone who can stop what this shelter is doing and shut them down. I had heard the city was no longer wanting to do business with them, and it sounds like there are several reasons for that. I’m actually wondering if charges for animal cruelty could be brought up against them given the neglect of the animals in their care. Please keep us posted if you need anything or have any updates. And thank you again for all you do to help these precious gifts.

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    Christine said,

    Hurts so much that Princess didn’t make it. I was so hopeful. I’m so glad that you all did everything you could. God bless you.

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