March 30 Part II – the happy stuff

Tuesday was a GREAT day for adoptions! One of THE best days we have had in a very long time! Can you say KARMA? When we lose battles to save animals (Princess), it makes it really hard to “believe” you are doing “good”. That saying that someone can tell you 99 things good about you and 1 bad, you will focus on the bad. Well, that is sort of how it goes when we lose a battle to save a life.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, we may not be able to “know” what that reason is, but….we just have to “understand”. So, as we are all grieving Princess’ loss, we did FOUR adoptions in ONE day! Good people adopting amazing animals!

First and second up is a couple that both picked out “their” cat. Elena was brought to us as a kitten in 2005, she was adopted but was brought back a week later with the adopters saying “she’s mean, she slaps my dog”…..ummm, ok, that is what cats do 🙂 No one gave her one look since then. Elena is a man’s cat, she LOVES men! So, that was the husbands choice. Next up, wife chooses “Squirt”, who absolutely ISNT a Squirt anymore, he was born in 2006 and has now been “chosen”. Squirt is a very MANLY cat, so we thought thier choices were purrfect!

Squirt (top) Elena (bottom)

Third up is Opal, she is a black big dog, do you KNOW how hard it is to place big black dogs? No one gives them a second look. Opal is a Lab/Setter/Border Collie, yeah, and probably more. She is AMAZING with children and just a super happy girl. She did know alot of “commands” so someone loved her once before she ended up in a high kill shelter in KCKS. We are part of “Ray of Hope”, they pull all the dogs from the high kill shetler in KCKS and get them into rescues and no kill shelters.

And the fourth one for the day was Brooklyn. Brooklyn and Merlin were given up by their family as seniors and dumped in the same “shelter” where we pulled Princess. Pleas went out for someone to save their lives and we had to do it. These two are the sweetest little souls, we thought they were unseparateable, but after a couple months intermingling with the other cats, they really didnt hang together anymore. A great couple come in looking for a mature cat because they wanted another and their resident cat was already mature. Good move!!! So, she went home! BTW, Merlin is still available!

We will miss you all, but wow, we are so happy you found your families! We are hoping you all have great “rest of your lives”

On Friday, I know I am jumping around, but you will get the flow when I explain :-), we pulled Josie from the House of Horrors shelter also. She was supposed to have transport to another rescue group, so we were just supposed to be holding her until that was ready. About 5 minutes into watching her in a cage, I know something is wrong, she is just hanging her head over a water bowl. I thought maybe she wasnt able to get enough water where she was and might be dehydrated but just in case, I asked for bloodwork to be done on her. The poor thing is hyperthyroid! That is just miserable from what I hear from people that have had it! We began giving her meds to control it, she is tolerating them well. She is also sick w/URI, but not as ill as Princess was. The rescue that was going to take her backed out because of her condition so she will be staying with us and get the I-131 treatment as soon as we can raise the funds for that

On Saturday, we pull Dash (now Hemingway, he is a polydactyl), another senior, we hear he was not doing well either and we wanted to try and save him. He is pretty miserable w/the URI also, but will surive, super sweet senior w/ big ole paws 🙂

On Monday, after the loss of Princess, we hear that there are still 2 seniors left, no one has pulled them. Then we hear that Josie/Dash/Codie were all given up by the same family!! We already had Josie and Dash, obviously, we couldnt leave Codie to die, so Monday afternoon, we pulled him too! We plan on trying to reunite them, of course, as anyone knows with multiple cats, some dont really care for each other…..LOL, so we will find out if its a good thing to reunite them or not after they are all well. After all, they lost their 2 legged family in their senior years, maybe they need each other now! We will update you as this progresses.  Wouldnt it be great if they are happy with the reunion and some awesome family adopts them all together???!! 

I want to close this post out with a big thank you to everyone that cared enough to offer support, not just financially but the posts that let us know that there ARE wonderful caring animal people out there. I cried so many times since last Friday, I cant even count. Swollen eyes and face was the “make up” for the day 😦 But it really helped knowing how many people cared about these babies after seeing the complete neglect and cruelty, the reminder that so many people DID care was heartwarming (caused more tears 🙂 I am sending out a receipt to those that contributed financially, be sure and take that off your taxes, IRS doesnt need it 🙂 Thanks again to EVERYONE for giving us strength!


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  1. 1

    Shannon VanWinkle said,

    I’m sure a lot of people reading this will already know, but the other senior who
    was still at this “shelter”, was pulled by another rescue group; yay!

    Something else I think I’ll throw in; LOL; as a lot of us know, cats’ ages are hard to narrow down, and I fear some of these “shelters” call a cat a senior when the cat is actually just middle-aged, or adult. I adopted my first cat when she was somewhere around 10 years old and she was with me for 7 blessed years. I have two cats who are around 9 years old and there is nothing “senior” about them!

  2. 2

    michele said,

    thanks for the wonderful update ! Its good to hear some great news !

    wow, I have spent time at HELP for months and I didnt even know Elena was there.

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