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April 21, 2011

Only 2 days to Picassos for Pets, please come out and see some wonderful art in our auction, its free entry! Included in the free entry is free drinks, dessert bar and appetizers, what do you have to lose? Email or if you plan on attending so we can make sure and have enough “free” stuff for everyone. Rock the Paw ticket sales are going slow, we have plenty, only $5/ticket, $7/at the door. However, Rock the Paw tshirts are selling like crazy, wouldnt you love to have one? HELP Humane is in the left front pocket area of the front, the below picture is of the back, cool huh?

Our adoptions have been really slow, there are just so many groups out there now, and last week we did 3 adoptions, we were so excited, except that by the weekend, we had 2 of those animals adopted returned *sigh* Poor Blanche, she is sort of a nervous Nellie and apparently she bonds pretty strongly and then thinks she should be the “pack leader”. She did not like the dad/husband when he came home from work the first night and wouldnt let him get near the rest of the family (we know its not a “man thing” because he didnt like the woman in the first adoption she went out on). Probably, they should have all went for a walk together when he got home and maybe that would have helped her see that he was also part of the “pack”. Second time returnee, so sad 😦 So, if you know of anyone looking to adopt an adorable multi colored-short-legged lovebug that will grunt for attention, and they get the pack mentality, please send them to us. Acacia was another one that was a 2-time returnee but she finally found her furever home on try #3, hopefully that will be the key for Blanche also!

Monday brought us 4 baby kittens dumped in a box in the back of the shelter. Its really frustrating because we cant bring baby kittens into the shelter, they have to go to a foster home to get vacs started to get their immunities going, so its really a struggle to find one in an emergency. Luckily, FB helped us out with that and now Holly and her family are caring for them. She says they are champion litter box users already!! The second frustrating thing is that these babies had a mama, where is that mama? If she is not spayed, there is going to be another litter to “dump” in a few months! I wish the family would ask for help w/spaying. That is easier then dumping kittens on a shelter and bringing more homeless kittens into this already overcrowded situation. Please call if you need help w/spaying/neutering an animal, we will find a sponsor that will help with the cost and we work with several low cost spay neuter clinics!!

Tuesday was a really rough day, we lost Ryder, a three wk old, 1/2 pound baby kitten. We are still not sure exactly what took him but the entire litter started having horrible diarrhea last week. We gave them a couple treatments of deworming and were giving fluids, but Ryder just wasnt strong enough. My heart just sank when I picked up the baby blanket that he was wrapped in for warmth. I didnt feel even the tiniest bit of movement. I knew he had went to The Bridge before I even pulled back the blanket. Poor sweet boy fought hard but it wasnt to be. Its so heartbreaking to lose even one, a baby is even harder, they never got any time here. Poor Shirley, our devoted bottle feeder gives everything she has to try and save these babies, she has such a bond with them, and then they are suddenly gone. It hurts everyone, but its hardest on the surogate mama 😦

Tuesday just had a “wet blanket” sadness to it. A supporter came in to donate the special food her kitty had been eating. Her kitty had kidney disease and she had lost her a couple weeks ago.  Shannon had to go to a funeral for a family friend that morning, adoptions way down, vet bills way up *big sigh* but we must push on for all the adorable furry faces that still wait for a rescuing “hand up”

Huggs was adopted on Sunday, she is such a super sweet lovebug, she was going to be keeping a gentleman company. He lost his longtime doggie companion and his daughter and ex-wife recommended HELP Humane. His ex-wife had adopted from us this past year. THAT is the good stuff, when former adopters pass on our information with praise about how we have things set up and how much we truly care about the animals we are caring for! Happy life to you Huggs, keep giving those hugs!

We took in an adorable little dog this week, his family gave him up due to allergies. He is really missing his family, you can just see it in his eyes. He is so loving, wants constant attention and is such a good boy. We think he is a MaltiPoo or PomaPoo, the only thing we know for sure is Poodle mix, all black with the softest fur you can imagine, he loves everyone!  Such a happy dog! He only weighs 15 lbs, so just a little boy 🙂

Desiree (blind kitty) will be going to see the eye specialist on Thurs. She has seen the regular veterinarian and we found that she probably had glacoma, however, her eye pressures are good, which is really scary considering how bulging they are 😦 But apparently after some time w/glacoma, the eye “stretches” to accomodate it, ugh! My stomach did a flip hearing that. We got a very nice donation to help with her care, thanks Pamela! Will keep everyone updated on her progress. This doll baby is just an amazing cat!

Guess that is all for now, I like to end the posts with the same thing, we are in constant need of scoopable cat litter since our company that used to donate for 12 years is no longer giving, thanks to everyone that made some amazing supply donations this week!!

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April 14, 2011

Picassos for Pets is just 8 days away, have you let or know you will be coming? April 15 is the last day we can accept donations and do them justice for this event. Rock the Paw tickets are on sale and so are the tshirts, they are AWESOME, let me know if you want more info on anything in this paragraph.

Last week, we didnt do even one adoption, this week, we have done 3 so far, yay! I really try and remember that alot of our animals are ones needing special people, so we may not do the most adoptions but considering how many we have needing special people, we dont do bad 🙂

Our grandpa (kitty) Jackson had to have surgery to remove bladder stones this week, ouch! He did really well and considering we really dont even know how old this boy is, we are glad things went well and hope he doesnt have the pain anymore! Our One-Eyed Jack 🙂

This entire week has been filled with vet appts (yikes on the bill!). Several residents needed follow up or rechecks on recent procedures. Several foster kitties were also sick. Have I said we survive on donations alone? 🙂

Tues we got a plea from an Independence ACO asking for help with some babies needing bottle fed, 2 mama cats w/litters and more motherless (but eating on their own) babies, whew, kitten season is bearing down on all in animal sheltering! Someone took the bottle babies and we were able to get 2 fosters homes signed up. One took a mama w/6 babies (we lost one of the babies 😦 and the other took 3 babies eating on their own. Thanks Diane and Kelly!

There was also a plea from the above shelter for a blind kitty, we just couldnt leave her there and they were not going to give her a chance at adoption because she is blind. So Deanna (thank you!) went to pull them and deliver all the above to the shelter on Wednesday. Everyone is settling in. Here is mama Tuxie and her babies 🙂

Hemingway (was Dash) from HH went in for bloodwork today, he is just still not “good”. Well, we found his white blood cell count to be really high and he’s been on antibiotics 😦 So we are switching to another type and hoping this will help, poor guy!

Kisses was adopted on Sunday, she is such a funny kitty, very petite, she was returned to the shelter after 5 years and they had declawed her, even though they signed a contract that they wouldnt 😦 She was pretty shy as a kitten so declawing was even more wrong. She had a hard couple weeks adjusting but she was finally warming up to all of us and she got someone to notice her begging for attention. She will be a woman’s best friend!

Blanche also went home, she was a heartworm positive dog that basically had a broken spirit when she was brought to us, of course, we couldnt have that, so we gave her enough affection and attention that she “bounced” back. We will miss her grunting!

Rembrandt went home for his 2rd chance also. We rescued him as a young kitten and he was adopted out and brought back 6 years later. He grew up with children and man, this boy, had the most amazing eyes ever! How could a young child and her mom pass that up? Hope this is your last move young man!

Wayside got to go in and rescue many animals from the House of Horrors this week. Boy, do I wish we had their millionaire backing us. I would have loved to be able to go in and bring out those animals. I know Wayside has been around a long time but having Melcher the Millionaire really helps them with finances. I saw the salaries that the higher ups make there and WOW! Wish we could find that kind of backing, not for salaries but for vet care since we always seem to find the MOST needy 🙂 I am happy they were able to save so many animals, I hope they all get to go up for adoption soon.

Desiree is the blind kitty we rescued from Indep AC on Wednes, the vet examined her today and found some very strange oddities. The lens from the back of her one eye is in front, its just horrible, how she survived on the streets, anyone’s guess! Super sweet girl and already spayed, someone loved her once, wish we knew her story! Its so hard sometimes to look in these poor animals eyes and know they have been through hell, my heart just breaks thinking about it and the tears start. But then I remember WAY back 16 or so years ago when I rescued my first cat that had been left in an apt abandoned for over 2 wks. I just held him and cried and my friend in rescue then (Tina 🙂 said “why are you crying?” Which I thought was really a STUPID question…….LOL and I looked at her and said “because of what he has been through” and she said to me “but he’s fine now, he’s safe, smile and look forward to how it will be for him now” I always try and remember that, not always easy when you can tell the suffering they have been through and cant help themselves 😦 Please think good thoughts for Desiree, she has fought the good fight and obviously needs help, its time for her to relax and get some help!

Bristol and Jay, posted last week, were rescued from a hoarder, seem to finally be getting better. They are both super sweet babies, cant wait until they are well enough for speutering so they can find their family.

Still really in need of scoopable litter if anyone can help out……..crazy that for 10 yrs we had it all donated and now nothing 😦

Everyone please, think good adoptions for HELP pleae 🙂

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April 10, 2011

Only 2 days since an update, wow, I am ahead in the game! Picassos for Pets less then 2 wks from today! Please plan on coming out and supporting HELP Humane, we truly need all of you to help with our mission. Let or  know if you plan on coming, food/drink, no entry fee, come on out!

Before I forget, I again want to plea for this boy’s story. He was dumped in our parking lot last week, he has injuries. We feel like this cat was either lost or his family left him here to get medical care. This poor boy is so tramatized, we really want to try and find his family to get his full story or get him returned to them. Can you help by posting his picture around?

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Items still needed for RED day

Please let us know if you have any of these items available to donate for the shelter makeover May 12th.  We are also accepting cash donations and Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards to purchase the remaining supplies that we cannot get donated.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already offered money and supplies! This makeover is going to make a world of difference for the people that spend every day tireless rescuing and finding homes for our animals.  The shelter will also make a much better impression on all who enter.

RED Day Wish List

1.      Paint supplies- rollers, roller skins, paint brushes, drop cloths and cut in tape (painters tape).

2.      Cleaning supplies & rags (supplies must be low odor)

3.      Either Kilz in spray can or ceiling panels to fix stained ones in the ceiling.

4.      4 office chairs on wheels

5.      12 small scale chairs to put throughout shelter for visitors- something light weight and easy to move

6.      2- 3” binders and clear sheet protectors.

7.      5 large metal industrial shelves ( they have these at Lowe’s they are 72 tall, w/ 16inch shelves, would prefer them to be 24 inches deep if possible)

8.      4- 2 drawer filing cabinets, don’t care what color, but prefer on casters so makes cleaning easier

9.   Letter size manila folders & hanging files

10.   Paintable MDF board and 1 bys to create shelving identical to what is currently in the kitchen. ( 2 shelves high, 24 inches deep and 12 ft long against the wall)

11.   4 new screen door to exam rooms, the current ones are damaged (doors are 32”)

12.   2 metal baby gates to close off front reception area, they have to be the kind you step on to open, lots of the volunteers are older and cannot walk over a gate)

13.   Desk for exam room, so that the other furniture can be tossed, It doesn’t work to store papers and to make that room functional.

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All About FIV – video

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RED Day Shelter Makeover provided by Keller Williams

Wednesday, Mar. 09, 2011

For Amber, HELP and the cats, ‘no’ isn’t going to fly

By Allen Edmonds, The Star Herald

It’s a good thing Amber Branson rarely takes “no” for an answer.

“Nobody’s saying no,” she said. “Everybody has a soft spot for animals.”

The Belton woman’s latest mission comes as a result of her husband’s sales position with Keller Williams Realty. Lonnie Branson joined the firm a couple of years back, and Amber watched as local agents rallied on “RED Day” to gather volunteers and supplies to spruce up Belton’s Head Start headquarters.

The name of the annual May event, a staple for Keller Williams offices nationwide, represents “Renew, Energize and Donate.” Each year, on the second Thursday of May, tens of thousands of Keller Williams associates from across the United States and Canada take the day off, devoting their time to a wide range of projects, renewing and energizing aspects of the neighborhoods in which they work and live.

So for this year’s project, set for May 12, the company’s new KW Cares Charity Coordinator directed her energy toward what she saw as the most immediate need.

Belton’s HELP Humane Society, 511 Main, can use all the help it can get, she said. “A lot of people don’t even know it’s there. They don’t get help from the (national) Humane Society – it seems like they don’t get regular help from anyone. Everything they accomplish is based on individuals doing what they can.”

And with her love for cats, the choice was a natural once she was put in charge of organizing RED Day on a local basis.

With project day more than two months away, there’s more than enough preparation needed to ensure the commitment’s success, she said. To that end, she has lined up local businesses to donate supplies, skilled labor and cash, and is seeking more.

“Tom O’Connor with Carpet-for-Less is re-doing 20 cat trees. I don’t think people realize what’s involved in that – carpeting 20 structures that look like jungle gyms.”

In addition, she has lined up the cleaning service she uses for the rental units she operates, Brenda Maddox; construction services and supplies from C&M Builders; a plumber, Brian Williams; and an electrician, Mike Godsell.

Cash donations have come from such sources as Matt Davidson of State Farm Insurance in Raymore and Bryan Mallory of Country Club Bank in Raymore.

And she’s still seeking more, not only from businesses, but from individuals. “We could use Home Depot gift cards – $5 at a time would really help,” she said. “Scoopable cat litter, all kinds of supplies to keep them going.”

She said donors need to be conscious of the types of supplies that are provided, and the society’s Website ( contains a list of the products that are in constant need. “We need to remember that some of the cats that live there spend their entire lives there. Our goal is to give them a comfortable life. This is truly a no-kill shelter.”

Uncaged, the cats roam free throughout most of the facility, sleep in their chosen favorite spots and climb the cat trees.

Directed by Cindi Dill, the shelter established itself at its current location in 2005, and houses dozens of cats and kittens.

Branson can be reached at 816-830-8661, or by email at


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Rock the Paw 2011

Awesome band GUS will perform! Drink and food specials, raffle!… Come participate in any or ALL!!! Tickets on sale now!
This just in – For raffle – 32″ Flat Screen TV from Matt Davidson (State Farm Agent/Raymore, MO) 2-$25 gift certs from Balls Price Chopper!

Prizes are:
32″ Flat Screen TV
Starlight Tickets w/Parking Pass to The King & I
Round of Golf for 2 w/cart @ Country Creek Golf Course
Whistle Stop Gift Basket
$50 Price Chopper Card
& more!

Contact HELP to purchase tickets to the event $5 in advance or $7 at the door!
Come Hang Out with US! It will be a FUN NIGHT!!

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Picassos for Pets 2011

Support local art while raising money for the cats and dogs of HELP Humane! The evening will feature a silent auction, giving patrons the chance to bid on one of a kind pieces donated by local artists; several vendors displaying their wares and taking custom orders; drinks, appitizers and the chance to mingle.

Attendees of last years event had a great time and took home some beautiful paintings, ceramics, photography, woodworking and quilts. This year there is no ticket price to attend so bring some friends and expect to have a wonderful evening!


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2011 BTA Gift Basket Ideas

 We are asking for everyone’s help with auction items for the Black Tail Affair this year.  We have found that gift baskets tend to sell very well. We have come up with many different ideas for baskets; most are around the $20-$25 cost for the items (although they can be more!).  If every volunteer/supporter put together their own basket we could sell them at the BTA and make a very nice profit. 

If you happen to have contacts that might donate any of the below items, please let us know.

If you would rather purchase the items and have another shelter volunteer put the basket together, or if you would like to donate cash towards the purchase of items please contact Miranda at

You do not have to include everything listed for a basket.  Also if you have your own ideas for a basket, run with it! These are just some ideas to get you started.

THis is a site with even more ideas:

Basket Ideas


  • Gardening– big flower pot, gardening gloves, small hand shovel, seed packets or bulbs Natalie Stephenson will drop re-gifted gardening items at the shelter to go in this basket
  • Movie Night– AMC gift certificate or DVD, microwave popcorn, boxed candies, 20oz diet dr pepper(2)
  • Gift Wrap– 1 roll and 1 gift bag for each holiday, random ribbon, bows, misc tissue paper Amber
  • Automotive– bucket containing sponge, car wash soap, tire shine, shammy, glass cleaner, gift card for an oil change, jumper cables, washer fluid, car air freshener
  • Wine– couple bottles of wine, cheese, crackers, wine glasses, corkscrew Deb Labakken
  • Martini– martini glasses, flavored martini mixes, decorative drink stirrers
  • Margarita– margarita glasses, flavored margarita mixes (unfrozen), colored straws, paper umbrellas  Amber
  • Family Night In– DVD, board game, cards, snacks
  • Kids Camping– pup tent, flashlight, batteries, items for smores, compass
  • Hiking– backpack, hiking guide, can coolers, swiss army knife, compass, park maps around KC, bug spray, snacks, canned beverages
  • Fall- hot chocolate, 2 coffee mugs, fall smelling candle (pumpkin, cinnamon, etc), apple cider mix
  • Winter- snow shovel, holiday lights, couch blanket, hot chocolate, sidewalk de-icer
  • Halloween– Halloween decorative items
  • Team Spirit– KU, MU, K State, etc- grill cover, can koozies, pop up ice chest, grill tools, bumper sticker
  • Golf– (pretty sure we still have a donated putter), golf theme coffee mug, golf balls, markers, tees, towel, divot repair kit, can cooler, sunscreen, golf magazine, pretzels, trail mix, granola bars Miranda will do this one
  • Massage– Massage gift certificate, aromatherapy candle (have a certify already) Miranda will do this one
  • Winter Wonderland– disk sled for the basket, scarf, gloves, hat
  • BBQ– maybe we can get a gift certificate from Twisted Brisket?, BBQ sauce, meat seasonings, tongs, spatula, skewers, BBQ themed apron, basting brush, grilling cookbook
  • Fishing– small tackle box or minnow bucket, bobbers, kids pole, lures, hooks, pliers, pocket knife, sun screen, bug spray, first aid kit  Kathy Ireland might do this one
  • First Aid- small box/kit that is sealable, bandaids, Neosporin, rubbing alcohol, thermometer, gauze, (I believe all of these can be purchased at the $1 store) Kathy M.
  • Baby Gift– put all items in a small laundry looking basket- one for a boy and one for a girl- onesies, washcloths, wrist rattles, blankets, stuffed toy, binkies, baby brush, boy/girl baby booties, diapers
  • Swimming– large canvas bag to put it all in, pool noodles (2), blow up raft or beach ball, goggles, snorkel, diving sticks, sunblock
  • Chocolate Lovers– all sorts of different kinds of chocolate, chocolate cook book, brownie mix
  • Royals Baseball– Royals bucket, hat or visor, peanuts (in shell), baseball glove, bumper sticker, baseball cards
  • Bookworm– Barnes and Noble gift card, bookmark,
  • Coffee Addict– coffee mug, various coffee beans, coffee grinder Debbie C.
  • Baking– Sugar cookie mix, sprinkles, cookie cutters (Christmas or fall themed?)
  • Tea Time– tea pot, various flavored teas, Godiva dark chocolate truffles, chocolate pretzels, chai and rooibos tea shortbread cookies, chocolate caramels, strawberry preserves, Lily O’Brien’s double chocolate chip cookies and sugar sticks complement the teas.
  • Under the weather– chicken noodle soup, crossword puzzles, DVD, hot chocolate, hot tea, honey, Sprite, puzzle books
  • Picnic – picnic basket, checkered tablecloth, cheese, crackers, meats, bug spray, citronella candles
  • Spa– loofah, fragrant soaps and lotions (bath and body works?), bathrobe, candles, bath beads
  • Day at the Beach– large canvas bag to put it all in, beach towels, sunscreen, lip balm, sand castle building tools, lawn chairs, shells, toy frisbee, small snacks
  • Pampered Mom– Lotions, soaps, shampoo & conditioner, candles, plush bathrobe and bath towels, books or a gift certificate to a book store, gift certificate to a local spa (massage, facial, nails, hair, CD player and soothing/relaxation CDs, nail polish
  • Relaxation– wind chimes, yoga book or cards, meditation book, herbal teas, candles
  • Home Improvement– tool box, paint brushes, rollers, paint buckets, sander, drill, extension cord, light bulbs, batteries (AA or 9V for smoke detectors) Diana Ustic will do this one
  • Stationary– Note cards, stationary sheets, envelopes, stamps, pens, journals, holiday cards Amber
  • Lottery tickets– lottery tickets of all kinds
  • Guy’s Night– poker tabletop, poker chips, cards, chip and dip platter, cigars, beer mugs, coasters
  • Ice Cream Lovers– bowls, ice cream scoop, toppings, sprinkles, nuts, cones
  • Hot Wheels – lots of hot wheels cars, trucks, anything with wheels.
  • TLC – foot wash, “Calgon”, candle, bath beads, manicure set, lotions
  • Sidewalk Gamessidewalk chalk, bubbles, kids bowling game
  • Cat lovers basketcat sign, treats, toys etc  Debbie C.
  • Cat Basket cat bed, photo frames, catnip, brush, nail trimmers, cat treats Miranda
  • Avon Basket- mens and ladies  Debbie C.
  • Kitchen items- handmade, sewn potholders, kitchen towels, misc kitchen items  Shirley Maples
  • The Perfect Lawn- gift certificate for lawn service, gift certificate for poop scoop service (Stinkies?), bottle of weed killer, grass seed
  • For the Birds- bird house, bird seed, bird watching book to identify different types, bird feeder
  • Beer Basket– place all items in a cooler, collection of single bottles of many different beers (some liquor stores do mix/match 6 packs, could also try some of the Boulevard Smokestack series bottles), bottle opener, coasters, pretzels, nuts,
  • Baking– stainless steel mixing bowl (or a set), could package with Shirley’s kitchen items?
  • Dog Spa– dog tote carrier, dog shampoo, bath spray, doggie bathrobe, nail clippers, brush, charms for dog collar
  • Branson TripValentine’s day weekend stay near Branson certificate, Branson maps, disposable camera, travel shampoo, bath wash, soap
  • Good Luck Gift– four leaf clover items, horseshoe, ladybug, candy, cookies
  • Handyman– galvanized pail or large bucket, tool belt, tools, flashlight, tape measure- Diana U.
  • Teacher Gift– items that relate to apples, cinnamon apple tea, apple chips, apple flavored jelly beans, coffee mug, pens/pencils

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April 8, 2011

Again, taken me a week to do an update, how do the weeks fly by so quickly!? Oh, yeah, that’s right, we are in animal welfare, there is always something to do, makes the time just fly by!

We have been busy caring for alot of sick kitties 😦 Hemingway (was Dash from HH) is just really not doing well, he was extremely dehydrated when we did his combo test earlier this week. He is still so snotty, poor thing. He is eating well, which is good, I just wish he could get better quicker. Jazzie (was Josie from HH) man, is that girl a love bug or what? She is so adorable and such a petite little thing, weighing in at just a bit over 5 1/2 lbs! I wish we could get her hyperthyroid tx sooner, but its $1000 and right now, we have to get a scope done on Merlin (another HH pulled boy) and its $1000 and it HAS to be done now.

Oliver is doing well, he really avoided the really bad sickness from HH, not sure how he did it but good for him. Also a real love bug. I am so glad we were able to save them!  Oh, they were all combo tested earlier this week and all three were negative for FeLV/FIV, yay!!  I really would like to put them all together in a room but we are so full right now, I cant seem to find a comfortable place for all three 😦

We also took 2 kitties from SNKC, they are both really sick too, not from SNKC, but from the hoarder that passed away and left the kitties behind. Both of them are really struggling too! We changed antibiotics for them today, maybe that will help! Meet Bristol and Jay, Bristol is an orange tabby girl, 80% of orange tabbies are boys, so she is extra special!

Tues was our fundraising meeting, it was really a great meeting, we have a new fundraising “head”, hey, who was the old one, oh yeah, whoever would do it at the time……..LOL. Her name is Amber Branson and she is one mind boggling load of ideas. Wish I was that creative! She was spewing out ideas about baskets that we could make to auction off at our A Black Tail Affair on 09/10/11  My mouth was just hanging open trying to keep up. If anyone would like to donate a “themed” basket for auction at this event, the animals (and of course, us) would be forever grateful! We have got to raise lots of money for our expensive little charges!

Picassos For Pets is 4/23, just 2 wks away, this is going to be a great time, please let or know if you plan on attending. There is no cover charge this year but there will be food/drink so they are trying to guesstimate the crowd.

We haven’t done an adoption all week, which is quite a letdown from the last couple weeks. We need to figure a better way to get our word out there! I feel like there are lots more people spreading our word lately but wow, just cant seem to get adoptions going. We cant afford advertising like tv commercials, Wayside and Animal Haven can, but we sure cant, word of mouth is cheap, but not as effective 🙂

Our email newsletter went out tonight, if you are not signed up to get it in email, you can sign up here 

We also got a new dog in yesterday, a black lab/border collie mix. Cute, sweet girl, this picture is not great, she kept putting her ears back like she had none…LOL. Meet Persia!

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