April 2, 2011

We have lots of fundraisers coming up fast! Picassos for Pets is in 3 wks 4/23, here is a link to find out more www.helppets.org/upcoming_events.html  and May 13 is Rock the Paw – tickets are on sale now at $5, it will be $7 at the door that night.  Both are going to be a great time!! Come and have a great time and help our homeless animals at the same time!

Adoptions are still going great! And before I tell you more, I need to backtrack. Last week on Saturday, we were still in a terrible struggle with hoping and praying that Princess would make it, pulling more from that House of Horrors and dealing with how horrid things were there. In the midst of that, on that day, we adopted out two of our FIV+ cats to a woman that had lost both her cats and husband in the last year. Her daughter came with her “concerned” that she was adopting “sick” cats. After educating the daughter on FIV, she was like “Oh, well, ok, that doesnt sound bad”

If anyone remembers Buckaroo had been adopted out FIV- but was found wondering in Olathe and because of his chip, we were able to get him back and when tested then, 5 yrs later, he was FIV+. This was so upsetting to all of us. He went home with Runner, who was given up at our vet when they found out he was FIV+. Runner is a super love bug and Buckaroo is a really funny character, very animated and loves playing, so a good match for one woman. This is so awesome for our FIV+ boys to get the home they deserve!

Runner (top) Buckaroo (below)

 Speaking of this, education is so important with this desease, with that said, on Thursday we premiered our educational video on FIV, produced by Justin Copeland and staring Mikki Copeland (complete with “outtakes”) Its great! Give it a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yA-nz-njGQ 

Sometime on Wednes afternoon a cat in a carrier was dumped in our parking lot. The cat, now named Caruso has a couple injuries. We are just not quite sure what to think about this cat. If someone found him, he wasnt on his own for long, he has not missed any meals. We are thinking maybe his “owners” couldnt or wouldnt take him to the vet and he did need help. He is SOOOOO terrified, its just heartbreaking! I wish people would ASK for help instead of just dumping him, if that is what happened. Here is a picture of now named Caruso kitty. If you know this guy, please let us know his story.

Pringle was adopted this week, gorgeous orange tabby boy, he and his siblings were dumped in the parking lot last summer, he grew up here and now he is a best friend for an 8 year old boy.

Vincent went home with a family as an only cat, they lost their a few weeks ago, he gets to be king of the castle! Vincent was rescued just in time from a high kill shelter and is now home!

Gizmo is a Birman with a bit of an attitude, he loves affection when he wants it but if you try to give it when he doesnt, he will smack you for it! It took a special person to understand that this may pass once he trusts someone (he lost his home twice) but that it might just be his purrsonality. He went home to be a couch potato with his person, thanks to this adopter for giving a special kitty a chance!

One last note, we are DESPERATE for clumping litter, we know its heavy and expensive 😦 We used to have a regular donation of several pallets but have been unable to get any for many months now. If you can help, the kitties will really appreciate it!! Thanks so much for caring!

Quick update on the House of Horrors rescue…….Hemingway is still really sick but still eating and he will definitely make it, he is not needing the hospitalization that Princess needed. Oliver is super sweet although a bit hand shy when you come over his head. Jazzie (remaned from Josie) is still doing great on her meds, she will go back for a recheck in a couple weeks, she si also sick but not nearly like the others.

We also rescued 2 younger cats from the “colony” that Spay Neuter KC brought up from way down south where a woman w/30+ cats passed away leaving them behind and they were dumped outside by a disgruntled family member. We will be taking in a few at a time until the get adopted. SNKC is caring for them until we can get them worked in. Both Bristol and Jay are sick also. Apparetly the “owner” didnt speuter them or seek vet care 😦 Pictures coming soon.


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