April 8, 2011

Again, taken me a week to do an update, how do the weeks fly by so quickly!? Oh, yeah, that’s right, we are in animal welfare, there is always something to do, makes the time just fly by!

We have been busy caring for alot of sick kitties 😦 Hemingway (was Dash from HH) is just really not doing well, he was extremely dehydrated when we did his combo test earlier this week. He is still so snotty, poor thing. He is eating well, which is good, I just wish he could get better quicker. Jazzie (was Josie from HH) man, is that girl a love bug or what? She is so adorable and such a petite little thing, weighing in at just a bit over 5 1/2 lbs! I wish we could get her hyperthyroid tx sooner, but its $1000 and right now, we have to get a scope done on Merlin (another HH pulled boy) and its $1000 and it HAS to be done now.

Oliver is doing well, he really avoided the really bad sickness from HH, not sure how he did it but good for him. Also a real love bug. I am so glad we were able to save them!  Oh, they were all combo tested earlier this week and all three were negative for FeLV/FIV, yay!!  I really would like to put them all together in a room but we are so full right now, I cant seem to find a comfortable place for all three 😦

We also took 2 kitties from SNKC, they are both really sick too, not from SNKC, but from the hoarder that passed away and left the kitties behind. Both of them are really struggling too! We changed antibiotics for them today, maybe that will help! Meet Bristol and Jay, Bristol is an orange tabby girl, 80% of orange tabbies are boys, so she is extra special!

Tues was our fundraising meeting, it was really a great meeting, we have a new fundraising “head”, hey, who was the old one, oh yeah, whoever would do it at the time……..LOL. Her name is Amber Branson and she is one mind boggling load of ideas. Wish I was that creative! She was spewing out ideas about baskets that we could make to auction off at our A Black Tail Affair on 09/10/11  My mouth was just hanging open trying to keep up. If anyone would like to donate a “themed” basket for auction at this event, the animals (and of course, us) would be forever grateful! We have got to raise lots of money for our expensive little charges!

Picassos For Pets is 4/23, just 2 wks away, this is going to be a great time, please let amber@lonniebranson.com or miranda80@aol.com know if you plan on attending. There is no cover charge this year but there will be food/drink so they are trying to guesstimate the crowd.

We haven’t done an adoption all week, which is quite a letdown from the last couple weeks. We need to figure a better way to get our word out there! I feel like there are lots more people spreading our word lately but wow, just cant seem to get adoptions going. We cant afford advertising like tv commercials, Wayside and Animal Haven can, but we sure cant, word of mouth is cheap, but not as effective 🙂

Our email newsletter went out tonight, if you are not signed up to get it in email, you can sign up here http://visitor.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001GfcdKfB8aovK6WbScpsVDaPXbWmQpyq1 

We also got a new dog in yesterday, a black lab/border collie mix. Cute, sweet girl, this picture is not great, she kept putting her ears back like she had none…LOL. Meet Persia!


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    michele said,

    I can’t wait to see Persia, what a sweet face

    Yeah for Amber, I love creative people (not being one myself) ! I was blown away by all the creative ideas for baskets.

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