Items still needed for RED day

Please let us know if you have any of these items available to donate for the shelter makeover May 12th.  We are also accepting cash donations and Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards to purchase the remaining supplies that we cannot get donated.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already offered money and supplies! This makeover is going to make a world of difference for the people that spend every day tireless rescuing and finding homes for our animals.  The shelter will also make a much better impression on all who enter.

RED Day Wish List

1.      Paint supplies- rollers, roller skins, paint brushes, drop cloths and cut in tape (painters tape).

2.      Cleaning supplies & rags (supplies must be low odor)

3.      Either Kilz in spray can or ceiling panels to fix stained ones in the ceiling.

4.      4 office chairs on wheels

5.      12 small scale chairs to put throughout shelter for visitors- something light weight and easy to move

6.      2- 3” binders and clear sheet protectors.

7.      5 large metal industrial shelves ( they have these at Lowe’s they are 72 tall, w/ 16inch shelves, would prefer them to be 24 inches deep if possible)

8.      4- 2 drawer filing cabinets, don’t care what color, but prefer on casters so makes cleaning easier

9.   Letter size manila folders & hanging files

10.   Paintable MDF board and 1 bys to create shelving identical to what is currently in the kitchen. ( 2 shelves high, 24 inches deep and 12 ft long against the wall)

11.   4 new screen door to exam rooms, the current ones are damaged (doors are 32”)

12.   2 metal baby gates to close off front reception area, they have to be the kind you step on to open, lots of the volunteers are older and cannot walk over a gate)

13.   Desk for exam room, so that the other furniture can be tossed, It doesn’t work to store papers and to make that room functional.


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