April 14, 2011

Picassos for Pets is just 8 days away, have you let amber@lonniebranson.com or miranda80@aol.com know you will be coming? April 15 is the last day we can accept donations and do them justice for this event. Rock the Paw tickets are on sale and so are the tshirts, they are AWESOME, let me know if you want more info on anything in this paragraph.

Last week, we didnt do even one adoption, this week, we have done 3 so far, yay! I really try and remember that alot of our animals are ones needing special people, so we may not do the most adoptions but considering how many we have needing special people, we dont do bad 🙂

Our grandpa (kitty) Jackson had to have surgery to remove bladder stones this week, ouch! He did really well and considering we really dont even know how old this boy is, we are glad things went well and hope he doesnt have the pain anymore! Our One-Eyed Jack 🙂

This entire week has been filled with vet appts (yikes on the bill!). Several residents needed follow up or rechecks on recent procedures. Several foster kitties were also sick. Have I said we survive on donations alone? 🙂

Tues we got a plea from an Independence ACO asking for help with some babies needing bottle fed, 2 mama cats w/litters and more motherless (but eating on their own) babies, whew, kitten season is bearing down on all in animal sheltering! Someone took the bottle babies and we were able to get 2 fosters homes signed up. One took a mama w/6 babies (we lost one of the babies 😦 and the other took 3 babies eating on their own. Thanks Diane and Kelly!

There was also a plea from the above shelter for a blind kitty, we just couldnt leave her there and they were not going to give her a chance at adoption because she is blind. So Deanna (thank you!) went to pull them and deliver all the above to the shelter on Wednesday. Everyone is settling in. Here is mama Tuxie and her babies 🙂

Hemingway (was Dash) from HH went in for bloodwork today, he is just still not “good”. Well, we found his white blood cell count to be really high and he’s been on antibiotics 😦 So we are switching to another type and hoping this will help, poor guy!

Kisses was adopted on Sunday, she is such a funny kitty, very petite, she was returned to the shelter after 5 years and they had declawed her, even though they signed a contract that they wouldnt 😦 She was pretty shy as a kitten so declawing was even more wrong. She had a hard couple weeks adjusting but she was finally warming up to all of us and she got someone to notice her begging for attention. She will be a woman’s best friend!

Blanche also went home, she was a heartworm positive dog that basically had a broken spirit when she was brought to us, of course, we couldnt have that, so we gave her enough affection and attention that she “bounced” back. We will miss her grunting!

Rembrandt went home for his 2rd chance also. We rescued him as a young kitten and he was adopted out and brought back 6 years later. He grew up with children and man, this boy, had the most amazing eyes ever! How could a young child and her mom pass that up? Hope this is your last move young man!

Wayside got to go in and rescue many animals from the House of Horrors this week. Boy, do I wish we had their millionaire backing us. I would have loved to be able to go in and bring out those animals. I know Wayside has been around a long time but having Melcher the Millionaire really helps them with finances. I saw the salaries that the higher ups make there and WOW! Wish we could find that kind of backing, not for salaries but for vet care since we always seem to find the MOST needy 🙂 I am happy they were able to save so many animals, I hope they all get to go up for adoption soon.

Desiree is the blind kitty we rescued from Indep AC on Wednes, the vet examined her today and found some very strange oddities. The lens from the back of her one eye is in front, its just horrible, how she survived on the streets, anyone’s guess! Super sweet girl and already spayed, someone loved her once, wish we knew her story! Its so hard sometimes to look in these poor animals eyes and know they have been through hell, my heart just breaks thinking about it and the tears start. But then I remember WAY back 16 or so years ago when I rescued my first cat that had been left in an apt abandoned for over 2 wks. I just held him and cried and my friend in rescue then (Tina 🙂 said “why are you crying?” Which I thought was really a STUPID question…….LOL and I looked at her and said “because of what he has been through” and she said to me “but he’s fine now, he’s safe, smile and look forward to how it will be for him now” I always try and remember that, not always easy when you can tell the suffering they have been through and cant help themselves 😦 Please think good thoughts for Desiree, she has fought the good fight and obviously needs help, its time for her to relax and get some help!

Bristol and Jay, posted last week, were rescued from a hoarder, seem to finally be getting better. They are both super sweet babies, cant wait until they are well enough for speutering so they can find their family.

Still really in need of scoopable litter if anyone can help out……..crazy that for 10 yrs we had it all donated and now nothing 😦

Everyone please, think good adoptions for HELP pleae 🙂


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