April 21, 2011

Only 2 days to Picassos for Pets, please come out and see some wonderful art in our auction, its free entry! Included in the free entry is free drinks, dessert bar and appetizers, what do you have to lose? Email amber@lonniebranson.com or miranda80@aol.com if you plan on attending so we can make sure and have enough “free” stuff for everyone. Rock the Paw ticket sales are going slow, we have plenty, only $5/ticket, $7/at the door. However, Rock the Paw tshirts are selling like crazy, wouldnt you love to have one? HELP Humane is in the left front pocket area of the front, the below picture is of the back, cool huh?

Our adoptions have been really slow, there are just so many groups out there now, and last week we did 3 adoptions, we were so excited, except that by the weekend, we had 2 of those animals adopted returned *sigh* Poor Blanche, she is sort of a nervous Nellie and apparently she bonds pretty strongly and then thinks she should be the “pack leader”. She did not like the dad/husband when he came home from work the first night and wouldnt let him get near the rest of the family (we know its not a “man thing” because he didnt like the woman in the first adoption she went out on). Probably, they should have all went for a walk together when he got home and maybe that would have helped her see that he was also part of the “pack”. Second time returnee, so sad 😦 So, if you know of anyone looking to adopt an adorable multi colored-short-legged lovebug that will grunt for attention, and they get the pack mentality, please send them to us. Acacia was another one that was a 2-time returnee but she finally found her furever home on try #3, hopefully that will be the key for Blanche also!

Monday brought us 4 baby kittens dumped in a box in the back of the shelter. Its really frustrating because we cant bring baby kittens into the shelter, they have to go to a foster home to get vacs started to get their immunities going, so its really a struggle to find one in an emergency. Luckily, FB helped us out with that and now Holly and her family are caring for them. She says they are champion litter box users already!! The second frustrating thing is that these babies had a mama, where is that mama? If she is not spayed, there is going to be another litter to “dump” in a few months! I wish the family would ask for help w/spaying. That is easier then dumping kittens on a shelter and bringing more homeless kittens into this already overcrowded situation. Please call if you need help w/spaying/neutering an animal, we will find a sponsor that will help with the cost and we work with several low cost spay neuter clinics!!

Tuesday was a really rough day, we lost Ryder, a three wk old, 1/2 pound baby kitten. We are still not sure exactly what took him but the entire litter started having horrible diarrhea last week. We gave them a couple treatments of deworming and were giving fluids, but Ryder just wasnt strong enough. My heart just sank when I picked up the baby blanket that he was wrapped in for warmth. I didnt feel even the tiniest bit of movement. I knew he had went to The Bridge before I even pulled back the blanket. Poor sweet boy fought hard but it wasnt to be. Its so heartbreaking to lose even one, a baby is even harder, they never got any time here. Poor Shirley, our devoted bottle feeder gives everything she has to try and save these babies, she has such a bond with them, and then they are suddenly gone. It hurts everyone, but its hardest on the surogate mama 😦

Tuesday just had a “wet blanket” sadness to it. A supporter came in to donate the special food her kitty had been eating. Her kitty had kidney disease and she had lost her a couple weeks ago.  Shannon had to go to a funeral for a family friend that morning, adoptions way down, vet bills way up *big sigh* but we must push on for all the adorable furry faces that still wait for a rescuing “hand up”

Huggs was adopted on Sunday, she is such a super sweet lovebug, she was going to be keeping a gentleman company. He lost his longtime doggie companion and his daughter and ex-wife recommended HELP Humane. His ex-wife had adopted from us this past year. THAT is the good stuff, when former adopters pass on our information with praise about how we have things set up and how much we truly care about the animals we are caring for! Happy life to you Huggs, keep giving those hugs!

We took in an adorable little dog this week, his family gave him up due to allergies. He is really missing his family, you can just see it in his eyes. He is so loving, wants constant attention and is such a good boy. We think he is a MaltiPoo or PomaPoo, the only thing we know for sure is Poodle mix, all black with the softest fur you can imagine, he loves everyone!  Such a happy dog! He only weighs 15 lbs, so just a little boy 🙂

Desiree (blind kitty) will be going to see the eye specialist on Thurs. She has seen the regular veterinarian and we found that she probably had glacoma, however, her eye pressures are good, which is really scary considering how bulging they are 😦 But apparently after some time w/glacoma, the eye “stretches” to accomodate it, ugh! My stomach did a flip hearing that. We got a very nice donation to help with her care, thanks Pamela! Will keep everyone updated on her progress. This doll baby is just an amazing cat!

Guess that is all for now, I like to end the posts with the same thing, we are in constant need of scoopable cat litter since our company that used to donate for 12 years is no longer giving, thanks to everyone that made some amazing supply donations this week!!


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