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Special girl Desiree May 10, 2011

Ok, every animal is special, yes, every one of them. But sometimes you run across one that has been dealt the worst of circumstances and you just can hardly believe they survived, let alone are this amazingly loving animal.
Desiree is one of those…….

Desiree was found as a stray and brought into Independence AC, because of the condition of her eyes, she would not be put up for adoption. She had to be taken in by rescue or she would be killed. Period. I watched the pleas for her life come across my email a couple of times, each time, my stomach would just tighten. I knew we had to save her life. If there was never a space or money issues, THESE type cases would never be questioned, we would simply save them. Period.

So, Desiree was pulled from the AC and brought to us by awesome Deanna who travels far and wide to pick up and deliver animals to rescue. When I first saw her in person, there was a lump in my throat choking me. I just wanted to cry and hold her. She pushed her head into my hands and her purr was already going. I remember looking at her and thinking “HOW in the he** did you survive out there little girl?” She was obviously blind and her eyes, at least one of them, was totally “bugging” out.

I took her to our regular vet and the one eye that looks “white” on the pupil, well, that is because her lens had luxated to the front of her eye. I even asked Dr. Freeman to repeat what she had said because I was shocked that this could happen. Her eye pressures didn’t seem bad for what she looked like but a visit to the Eye Specialist, Dr. Sturgeon, who, btw, is an AWESOME vet that is very caring and knowledgeable and is very generous in helping HELP out. He is at Eye Care for Animals in Overland Park, KS. Anyway, her pressures were high there. He thought she was no more the 5 years old and her eyes were in this condition as a result of eye disease left untreated!! Her eyes needed to be removed to relieve the pain she was in. Although, it’s really hard to see that she is in pain. I think she is so grateful to be getting help and is safe that she doesn’t show it.

So, on 4/25, she went to surgery done by Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays at Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center to have both her eyes removed. I was a wreck worrying. Luckily our awesome Bri was shadowing (she’s going to be a vet) and was able to watch the surgery. It was hard on Dr. Bradley to do a bi-lateral eye enucleation, one is icky enough but its the first time she had to do two! She came out of surgery with flying colors but she didn’t want to eat for 2 days. We think it was her cone, they didn’t want her bumping or rubbing her empty eye sockets 😦 Imagine how that must have been to a blind kitty having “something” blocking all sides of her head! She started eating when she was hand fed and then came back to the shelter.

So, four days after her surgery, she was back at the shelter and already seeking out attention by yelling across the room 🙂 The swelling had gone really down on the eye sockets and she was eating well.

On Tues 5/10, she got the sutures removed from her eyes and her cone head taken off, she was very happy to wash her face!

She had her first “free” outing after we returned from the vet and getting the sutures removed. This girl is amazing, she took off around the front area, the girl is fearless. One cat even smacked her and she just hissed and went on. I will have to video it, its soooo cool!

Thanks to everyone that gave us support while we waited for the surgery to be over, thanks to Dr. Bradley Bays at Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center for getting her through the surgery with flying colors, thanks to Pamela Yancey for making a generous donation towards her surgery bill. This girl is now getting back to “living”!

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Live Auction Item Ideas

Live Auction Ideas

We need 15 live auction items preferably with a value of close to $500 each

According to Tanna, Trips, Food and Wine sell very well at her auctions

Anyone know someone willing to donate:

  • Timeshare stay (one couple donates a 3-4 night stay in Branson each year- looking for something similar to this where we can package it with other options like air fair or a car rental or something)
  • Frequent flier miles- these can be donated
  • Season tickets holder who would donate their seats/parking pass for 1 game (Royals, Chiefs, KU, MU, Sporting KC)


Other ideas we need contacts and/or people to ask for donations:

  • KC Ballet tickets (pair with dinner and limo?)

  • Royals – dugout seats
  • KU tickets to a game (possibly from a season ticket holder?)
  • MU tickets to a game (possibly from a season ticket holder?)
  • Howl at the Moon- Happy Hour Party
  • Stanford and Sons- comedy show tickets
  • Dave and Busters- Dinner certificate and gift card to play games
  • Ballroom dancing lessons
  • “Editor for a day” – KC Star
  • Coterie Theater tickets
  • Schlitterbauhn- season passes
  • Worlds of Fun/ Oceans of Fun- season passes
  • T-Bones- tickets and autographed merchandise
  • Sporting KC- Miranda has sent request
  • KC Chiefs- tickets/parking pass (possibly from a season ticket holder?)
  • KC Symphony- tickets
  • Ballet tickets
  • KC Zoo- painting by an animal and/or campout over night
  • Westin Crown Center- overnight stay
  • Turpentine Creek- feed a tiger, Treehouse bungalow stay
  • Chateau Avalon- Bed and Breakfast, overnight stay
  • Re/Max- Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Jewish Community Center- fitness pass and tickets to a musical
  • Waterway Car Wash- Clean Car Club membership certificate
  • Marriott- overnight stay
  • KC Rep theater- tickets to a show
  • Incred-a-Bowl- happy hour party
  • Gym Membership- 24 hour fitness, community center
  • Jewelry Store- tennis bracelet
  • Hampton Inn at Legends- overnight stay
  • Tivoli Cinema- movie passes
  • AMC Theaters- passes for 2 to a year of movies
  • Bearden’s Stained Glass
  • Limo rental
  • Beauty Brands- basket with products and services
  • Event Space rental- Berg Event Space, 1617 Event Space, Union Station,
  • Boulevard- Beer tasting for 30 people 
  • Car rental certificate
  • Catered dinner party (either by a restaurant or catering company)
  • iPad or Android tablet (Motorola Zoom)
  • Round of golf at a nice course including cart
  • Cooking class with an executive chef
  • Gift card to a high end boutique
  • Amini’s Galleria- has donated a pool table or air hockey table to groups in the past
  • Private tour of the Nelson Art Gallery by a tour docent and lunch at Rozelle Court
  • Wine for a year certificate from a liquor store
  • Chocolate for a year certificate from a chocolatier
  • Roses for a year certificate from florist
  • Single bottles of wine


Restaurant Certificates- preferably for a party of 8-10

  • Tasso’s
  • Capital Grille
  • Lidia’s
  • Elephant Bar
  • Bristol
  • Fogo de Chao
  • Houlihans
  • Longhorn
  • Westport flea market (they have done a certificate for 1 free burger and fries each month for a year or a Monday night football party for 25 people with free food and beer for other groups)
  • Cheesecake factory
  • J. Alexanders

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Never a dull moment! May 9, 2011

Well, heck, over 2 wks since I wrote anything, goodness, the days just fly by from the time my own kitties wake me up until flopping in bed before dawn (I am very nocturnal 🙂

Picassos for Pets was a great success raising $2333 for our homeless babies. Everyone had a great time, it was elegant yet not stuffy. The newly formed Fundraising Committee did a fantastic job. A couple of people told me they felt it was a bit crowded (lots of people attended, that’s good) so they couldn’t get back up to the art piece they were bidding on. They did have a patio at this place, maybe people could be able to go out on the patio next year? Thanks to everyone that donated, volunteered and attended, we couldn’t do it without you!

This coming week will be crazier then usual (is that REALLY possible?). Red Day w/Keller Williams Cares is doing our shelter makeover on Thursday. It will be running at least from 8am-8pm, whew, there will be a few people falling on their faces at the end of that day (yeah, me included). I am excited for how things will look after all is done. We will have our delayed annual open house when all is complete.

Friday is Rock the Paw at Frankie and Johnny’s in Belton from 7:30p-1am. The band GUS is donating their time and talent to raise money for our shelter. Thanks GUS! We have many fantastic raffle items including a 32′ flat screen TV! I don’t have a complete list of the raffle items, but you don’t want to miss out on it. $5/ticket or buy 2 and get on free!

Our biggest fundraiser “A Black Tail Affair” is happening 9/10/11. We have decided to hire Tanna Guthrie to be our auctioneer. The past 3 years we have had a volunteer auctioneer, so we are going to try hiring one this year and see how it works for us. She includes consultations with her hiring. We will be meeting with her this coming Tues to get some advice etc, so we are really hoping this years event will be even more amazing!

We ended up with 8 adoption during April, wow, really a sad number. We are making a difference and we have to remember how many “special” babies we rescue, so as long as we are still doing adoptions, we are still making a difference. Hoping May brings us more adopters, we have some absolutely adorable kittens! 

Opal was returned to us, the family didn’t want to crate her, so she chewed everything when they were gone. I wish people wouldn’t see crating as a bad thing. Dogs are “den” animals and their crate becomes their den. Sure, you can overdo it with how much time they are confined, but if it keeps you from returning an animal to a shelter, please consider it. If they join the family when you are home, that is what they want. Opal would have much preferred to be crated when they were gone vs being returned to the shelter.

We took in a cat from a woman last week. This is a cat that we took to be spayed for this woman. She says we brought her back the wrong cat (impossible!). She didn’t want this cat anyway, she tried to dump her at the shelter before. I felt so bad for this cat, we just squeezed her in the shelter. She also had a wound on her that she didn’t have when the woman picked her up after spaying. She is a super sweet girl, we will find her a better home. Meet Maizie

We took in another dog from Ray of Hope, her name is Lollipop. She was shaking and nervous when she arrived and one of our volunteers felt bad for her and offered to foster her while she recovered from her spay. She went out to a home a week after we rescued her! Adorable sweet pointer girl!

 Theo, an FIV+ cat rescued from Halfway Home (House of Horrors) got to go home!! That is 3 FIV+ cats in the last couple months! With Theo going home, we were able to rescue Twister from a high kill shelter. He has had some sort of head trauma and has a head tilt, you just cant help but “awwww” when you see him. He fit right in with the FIV+ guys. He is desperate for people attention, he was given up by his family, I hope we can find him a home soon, he just wants a lap and love, and he gives it back 10-fold!


A friend of Shannon’s found a cat and starting feeding her, she was very tame and decided to bring her inside. She took her to her vet to be tested and vetted. The vet found a microchip and it traced back to us! Wow, what a small world! Zoe was adopted from us 5 years ago, we tried all our contacts for the adopter, even writing a letter to tell her that we had the cat, hoping she had just been lost. No contacts were still in effect and she never answered our letter. WHY dont people bring back the animals if they are no longer going to keep them??? We are happy she is safe back with us now! Gorgeous huh?

Another cat that was adopted from us 8 years ago was returned to us. Sometimes I feel like we just rent animals out. I wish people would really think about it before adopting. A cat can live 20 years, can you truly make a 20 year committment? It’s so hard on them to be returned to the shelter and harder to find them a home. Mimi was a baby when she was adopted out, now at 8 yrs old, it’s not going to be easy to place her 😦 She apparently had a hematoma on her ear and its now flopped down 😦 Please spread the word about adopting a senior pet, they are so deserving and such great companions!

We adopted out our first pair of kittens this past week, Tanner and Jude. They came for one but decided they couldn’t split up the brothers! We have 26 kittens in foster care, yikes!! We have got to get some adoptions going! Please spread the word! We can only rescue those we have room for and don’t have room if we don’t do adoptions! Thanks for spreading the word!

Speaking of kittens, someone dumped 3 kittens in a ridiculous “box” behind our shelter today. By ridiculous, I mean the bottom fell out when Bri picked it up, luckily she was able to grab the kittens before they ran off, come on people! What bothers me more than anything is those babies had a mother and she will be pregnant again before you blink, please get her spayed and don’t bring more unwanted kittens into this world!

Ok, going to stop yapping here, we are in need of canned food for cats and also scoopable litter if anyone has some extra money just burning a hole in their pocket 🙂 I will be writing a blog about Desiree in a separate blog post all her own, coming soon! Stay tuned! Thanks for all of your support, please remember, we cannot do this without your help!

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