Special girl Desiree May 10, 2011

Ok, every animal is special, yes, every one of them. But sometimes you run across one that has been dealt the worst of circumstances and you just can hardly believe they survived, let alone are this amazingly loving animal.
Desiree is one of those…….

Desiree was found as a stray and brought into Independence AC, because of the condition of her eyes, she would not be put up for adoption. She had to be taken in by rescue or she would be killed. Period. I watched the pleas for her life come across my email a couple of times, each time, my stomach would just tighten. I knew we had to save her life. If there was never a space or money issues, THESE type cases would never be questioned, we would simply save them. Period.

So, Desiree was pulled from the AC and brought to us by awesome Deanna who travels far and wide to pick up and deliver animals to rescue. When I first saw her in person, there was a lump in my throat choking me. I just wanted to cry and hold her. She pushed her head into my hands and her purr was already going. I remember looking at her and thinking “HOW in the he** did you survive out there little girl?” She was obviously blind and her eyes, at least one of them, was totally “bugging” out.

I took her to our regular vet and the one eye that looks “white” on the pupil, well, that is because her lens had luxated to the front of her eye. I even asked Dr. Freeman to repeat what she had said because I was shocked that this could happen. Her eye pressures didn’t seem bad for what she looked like but a visit to the Eye Specialist, Dr. Sturgeon, who, btw, is an AWESOME vet that is very caring and knowledgeable and is very generous in helping HELP out. He is at Eye Care for Animals in Overland Park, KS. Anyway, her pressures were high there. He thought she was no more the 5 years old and her eyes were in this condition as a result of eye disease left untreated!! Her eyes needed to be removed to relieve the pain she was in. Although, it’s really hard to see that she is in pain. I think she is so grateful to be getting help and is safe that she doesn’t show it.

So, on 4/25, she went to surgery done by Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays at Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center to have both her eyes removed. I was a wreck worrying. Luckily our awesome Bri was shadowing (she’s going to be a vet) and was able to watch the surgery. It was hard on Dr. Bradley to do a bi-lateral eye enucleation, one is icky enough but its the first time she had to do two! She came out of surgery with flying colors but she didn’t want to eat for 2 days. We think it was her cone, they didn’t want her bumping or rubbing her empty eye sockets 😦 Imagine how that must have been to a blind kitty having “something” blocking all sides of her head! She started eating when she was hand fed and then came back to the shelter.

So, four days after her surgery, she was back at the shelter and already seeking out attention by yelling across the room 🙂 The swelling had gone really down on the eye sockets and she was eating well.

On Tues 5/10, she got the sutures removed from her eyes and her cone head taken off, she was very happy to wash her face!

She had her first “free” outing after we returned from the vet and getting the sutures removed. This girl is amazing, she took off around the front area, the girl is fearless. One cat even smacked her and she just hissed and went on. I will have to video it, its soooo cool!

Thanks to everyone that gave us support while we waited for the surgery to be over, thanks to Dr. Bradley Bays at Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center for getting her through the surgery with flying colors, thanks to Pamela Yancey for making a generous donation towards her surgery bill. This girl is now getting back to “living”!


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  1. 1

    Amy said,

    I am so glad you have her…Thank You HELP for all you do for the animals!!! Desiree knows she is safe now and loved! She was so sweet and trusting when my daughter pet her last week when we came by

  2. 2

    L. Smith said,

    Count me in for trying to send $25 a month. My cat charity funds are about maxed out since we are not getting a pension raise for the third straight year, but I will try.

  3. 3

    Sherry said,

    This posting is really sad but also so inspirational. Is Desiree up for adoption or does she have her furever home now? I always like stories with a good ending. I’m a cat lover and volunteer for a cat rescue group.

  4. 4

    faeruna said,

    Count me although to give donation for Desiree.

  5. 5

    larry spizzirri said,

    Thank you for helping her. You did for her what many would not do.

  6. 6

    Jen said,

    you guys are selfless heros. touches my heart 🙂

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