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June 10, 2011

Whoa, where has the time gone? I never know how to start these things out. My head has so many things going on in there to try and keep things straight that its scary to just jump in, I try to collect some thoughts first 🙂  Then I end up off in space with still more thoughts racing through *sigh*

Since visiting with you last, Keller Williams South did a makeover of the shelter. Everyone had red shirts and swarmed in very early on 5/12 to paint walls and clean and move new furniture in etc. It was pretty crazy and being the person that literally feels everything animals feel, I had to bail out for the day. The kitties were so confused and scared with the commotion and moving that I just couldn’t take it. Yes, I understand that I am super sensitive to animals feelings but it’s just me 🙂 The shelter looks great and all kitties were settled back in the end of that very long day. Thanks Amber and KW Cares for all that you did!

The following night was “Rock the Paw” at Frankie and Johnny’s Bar and Grill in Belton, MO. So many were running on empty and ready for a stress reliever. I think everyone had a blast. The band “GUS” was great fun (thanks for donating your time and talent!) and singing along with the band was a blast. With the entry tickets, t-shirt sales and the raffle tickets, over $2000 was raised.

We are planning our annual Kitten Baby Shower and Open House for 7/16 at the shelter. Its great fun, you know, a baby shower for our kittens! We will be soon registered at Walmart & Target. We will have goodies for those that come and hotdogs from the grill! Yum!

Our annual low-cost vaccination clinic has been moved to September due to our regular volunteer vet being due for her second child in mid July. We are shooting for 9/24 as the date, but more info to follow when its set in stone.

Things are in full swing for our 4th Annual A Black Tail Affair on 9/10/11. Bryan Busby of KMBC TV will emcee the event for thr 4th year. Tanna Guthrie (formerly of Max and Tanna, now she is on The Point) will be the auctioneer. Johnny Rowlands of KMBC TV has started out a new company called KC Copter and will be donating a helicopter ride. We have a stay at Cedar Lodge just outside of Branson. The theme this year is “A Night of Childhood Memories”, we will be playing games and having tons of fun! The food is fantastic! Doors open at 5pm, the silent auction and cocktails will be begin as the doors open.

We are in the beginning stages of the 1st annual HELP Humane Doggie Paddle and Feline Float on MainStream. Think “Duck Derby” but with Rubber cats and dogs vs ducks 🙂 They will be racing down MainStream (Main St Belton) More to come as it gets set in stone 🙂

We have rescued many special cases in the last few weeks. I find it so sad that these helpless animals get stuck in high kill shelters and they need medical treatment so people are begging for someone to rescue them and no one does.  I sure wish we had a supply of money just for these cases 😦

We had an openings for 3 small dogs and heard about a hoarder situation and agreed to take 2 of the small dogs from there. When the transporter arrived at the home, she found an almost dead JRT and called to see if we could also take this one. Now, we have no business taking on this poor dog not knowing what he is going to need, but I can’t say “no, just leave him there to potentially die”……….so she brings us the three and Neosho, the extremely ill one is too weak to stand. A volunteer rush him to Urgent Care because of course, it’s on the weekend and they said he needed a blood transfusion that he was so anemic that without one he would die probably within 24 hours.

He was then rushed to the Emergency Clinic and indeed had to have an emergency blood transfusion. He was so infested with fleas and internal parasites, they had depleted him of almost all his blood!! He is now doing great and basically just waiting for his anemia to be completely gone, then neutered and ready to find his new family. The other two were Ferris and Falco, Falco will be going next week, Ferris is still looking.

Ferris &  Neosho

And Falco

We have a ton-o-kittens for adoption and also in foster care. I know everyone thinks that kittens just fly out of shelters but they truly don’t. That is why we preach spay/neuter so much. People are hanging out “free kittens” signs and handing them out, if those people don’t speuter, then that just means more and more breeding. In honor of June being “Adopt A Cat” month, we have reduced our adoption fee. Kittens are now $60 or a pair for $100 and adult cats 7yrs and below are $50. Our senior cats (8+ years) are always $45.  Many shelters give them away for free but we really just can’t afford “free”, we have no vet on staff and therefore have huge vet bills. May’s veterinary care bill was $9000!

More coming soon, as always, we are in need of canned cat food and scoopable cat litter, oh, and need gallon sized ziplock bags 🙂 Thanks for all you do for our babies!

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