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June 2011 – Neosho rescues

We have rescued many special cases in the last few weeks. I find it so sad that these helpless animals get stuck in high kill shelters and they need medical treatment so people are begging for someone to rescue them and no one does. I sure wish we had a supply of money just for these cases :-(

We had an openings for 3 small dogs and heard about a hoarder situation and agreed to take 2 of the small dogs from there. When the transporter arrived at the home, she found an almost dead JRT and called to see if we could also take this one. Now, we have no business taking on this poor dog not knowing what he is going to need, but I can’t say “no, just leave him there to potentially die”……….so she brings us the three and Neosho, the extremely ill one is too weak to stand. A volunteer rush him to Urgent Care because of course, it’s on the weekend and they said he needed a blood transfusion that he was so anemic that without one he would die probably within 24 hours.

He was then rushed to the Emergency Clinic and indeed had to have an emergency blood transfusion. He was so infested with fleas and internal parasites, they had depleted him of almost all his blood!! He is now doing great and basically just waiting for his anemia to be completely gone, then neutered and ready to find his new family. The other two were Ferris and Falco, Falco will be going next week, Ferris is still looking.

Ferris & Neosho

And Falco

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This, without a doubt, is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! For anyone that knows me, they KNOW this already. In a nutshell, this is what this blog is about….we have until the end of September to do one of two things. We either have to figure out a way to raise $20,000 EVERY month or I have to find places for the animals in our care, period.

When I read that again, I feel physically sick because there are only two options and one involves begging for help from people I dont even know; the other, well, I just cant even bear thinking about. I look around the shelter at some of our extra special animals, many we have because no one else wanted them, not even other rescues, so HOW am I going to find a safe place that will want them now? They didnt ask for the hand they were dealt, I made promises to them, promises that they would never be alone again, promises that they would never suffer again, promises they would forever be loved and safe. A promise should never be broken, especially to a helpless dependent animal (or children or seniors but right now we are talking about animals) With that said, I have to do ALL in my power to NOT break that promise to them!

So, here it is……we need to recruit 1758 “shelter buddies” to give $10/month. Odd number I know, but we need 2000 and we already have 242. This $10 donation from another 1758 shelter buddies will cover our monthly expenses. Our fundraising will cover the “emergency” cases. The ones in high kill shelters that others look past and we have been giving a chance to. I am going to make an album with photos and pictures of these types of cases. These amazing animals just needed someone to give them a chance and we did. Who will do it if we are not around?

So, I am BEGGING YOU to help us keep our promise to these animals in our care, to help us to take in more of these cases, to collectively help us grab up our boot straps and keep going. I am BEGGING you, for these animals, for $10 a month……think about what that $10 from you along with 1999 others will do? Seriously, most of us “throw away” $10/month in stuff we really dont need, will you really miss it? And it would literally be life not death to so many animals. Will you please consider this? We only have 10 wks to accomplish this, I believe there are 1758 people out there that will do this, we just have to find them and time is short……….we can do this with your help, please believe in what we do and have done………you can keep us in the trenches……….it’s just $10/month and a promise is kept…..

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