Two special girls “gone too soon”

No one ever thinks they have had enough time with their loved ones, so “gone too soon” is really because I heard Michael Jackson’s song “Gone Too Soon” shortly after losing both these girls only a day apart.

Phoenix was her “given” name by our vet. When she was brought into their clinic, Dr Freeman called to see if we would take her, she was only about 4 months old and had been hit by a car. Dr. Freeman kept saying “I don’t know if she is even going to make it but we are trying”. So, when she rose from the ashes, they named her Phoenix. We already have an FIV+ cat at the shelter with the same name, so we called her FiFi. She just never got a break. While recovering at the vet clinic, she decided she was really a feral as she regained her strength. You would get a BIG smack and maybe a bite if you approached from her right side, she tolerated the left side better, we think she had brain damage from the impact, she just never really seemed right, but we loved her all the same.

On 8/31, she didn’t want her canned food and believe me when I say, THAT was huge. The little butterball lived for her canned food. On 9/1, she didn’t want it either, so off to the vet she went. Her blood work was not even compatible with life……we were devastated…apparently she had been “living” with damaged kidneys since the car had hit her. What kidney function she did have, was close to gone. They started kidney failure treatment on her with IV fluids and we hoped. Friday afternoon I visited her and I knew. She was literally frozen in the cage with a conehead on so she wouldn’t yank out her IV line. She wouldn’t eat, there was no way you could assist feed her because of her “feralness” and she was terrified and felt horrible. I told the vet that on Saturday morning we needed to re-do the blood work to see if 48 hours of fluids had changed anything. On Saturday morning, another blood workup showed NO change, it was time to let her be free from this planet where she never got a break!

Dr. Bradley Bays gave her a sedative so she would be more relaxed because I had to be with her when she left and we wanted it to be as peaceful as can be possible in this situation. When I arrived at the clinic they had an emergency, so I went to spend some time with her. I reached in the cage and touched her and she growled, so I quietly said “FiFi, it’s me, its ok” and then I saw her feet start to “paw paw”, I couldn’t believe it, she let me pet her between her eyes and she was quiet. Her passing was just as peaceful and I had NEVER been so sure about letting any of our animals go as I was with FiFi. She was 3/4 “wild cat” 🙂 and keeping her in a conehead in a vet clinic with no response to treatment after 48 hours, it was the right thing to do for her. I cradled her for the first time in my arms when she was gone and buried my face in her fur She was only a little over 1-year-old, I hope she is enjoying her kittenhood now.

Dalia was one of 3 kittens and their mama pulled from Independence AC when they all tested FeLV +. We truly hoped that after retesting they would be negative, but it wasnt to be, they were all still positive, so they went to live at our FeLV+ cottage. Mama Irene was adopted by an amazing girl who had lost her FeLV+ kitty a month or so prior. The 3 kittens now about 6 months old at the time livened up the cottage (some of the adults were not amused 🙂

In May, after many months of fighting, her brother Asher lost his fight. Shortly after that, we noticed that Dalia was losing weight (we weigh all our kitties each month to watch and make sure we are not missing something). Dalia was very bossy with the other cats and loved her canned food, she always ran to each bowl to make sure no one had anything better than her before devouring hers. Then she started hiding and we knew this was not her. At her vet visit we found out she was extremely anemic and needed a transfusion immediately. Well, it took 2 to be able to get her back to her fighting spirit.

We would check on her red blood cell count periodically to make sure she was still making red blood cells. She got back to her normal crazy self but when saw her red blood cells declining again. We made the decision we wouldn’t keep putting her through this, we had to try to see if we could give her the chance to be able to stop her body from destroying the red blood cells but it wasnt to be. Up until her last week, she was still eating like crazy, bossing everyone around and still going, but on 9/3, she stopped wanting to eat and started hiding again. On Sunday, foster mom knew it was time for Dalia to join her brother at The Bridge. Foster mom said she slipped away very peacefully and was no longer fighting her fight.

Both these girls only lived to be a bit over a year old “Gone Too Soon”, but we were blessed to be able to give them the best we could during that time. Thank you so much for helping us to give these special orphans the best we can, we cant do it without you……….Dalia, we miss your bossiness and love, FiFi, we miss your rattlesnake tail when you had had enough and we know you know we loved you……….Godspeed Dalia and FiFi


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