Wobble goes home!

I KNOW(!) I said after he was returned from 2 “adoptions” he was not going to be adopted out again because it was just too hard on him thnking he had a home and then get dumped back into the shelter and now I am writing he has a home. Ok, so I must explain.

For those that dont know, Wobble has cerebellar hypoplasia which is similar to cerebral palsy in people. Here is a video of Wobble to see him in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL2Z2Mi_j1M Wobble was returned from 2 adoptions for his failure to not always make it to the litter box for urine duty 🙂 Now this was explained a bazillion times to the adopters and he was still dumped back into the shelter for this reason. So, the decision that the shelter was his home!

Linda told her friend Linda Mawby about Wobble and then came into the shelter saying that Linda Mawby wanted to meet Wobble. Of course, I was just shaking my head “no” 🙂 But I told Linda to go ahead and send in her friend but I just knew in my heart that I wasnt going to allow her to adopt him, it was just too hard on him!

So, Linda Mawby comes to the shelter prepared! She has a binder in hand with stories and accounts of her two trips to Best Friends Animals Society in Utah to adopt TWO other CH cats!! She has photos of how her house is set up so that the “not always make it to the box” is covered!  Ok, so who could say no after that!? Wobble wasnt even on his best behavior and she still wanted to adopt him!

We receive emails from Linda and Wobble is doing great and fitting right in. This time I am NOT worried about Wobble being dumped back in the shelter. Linda is an amazing person and she walks the walk! Linda, thank you for giving Wobble the family he deserved and thank you for being such a special person that not even just one OR two CH cats was enough for you to care for, you wanted three!!! Bless you! Love you and miss you Wobble!


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