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Nolan – heart of gold

This amazingly handsome boy found himself in a high kill shelter, not once, but at least twice. I believe sometimes certain animals, just like some people, just cant seem to get a break. Here is Nolan’s story

Nolan ended up in a high kill shelter several months ago. During a high profile adoption event, he was adopted out in August. This shelter microchips each animal that is adopted out, love that about them! Anyway, the last week of October 2011, a call came into Animal Control that there was a cat lying in a driveway, apparently unable to get up. The AC went and picked up the kitty and brought him back to the shelter. When they scanned him, they found their chip inplanted and contacted the owner. The owner was not interested in helping his cat, he just wanted them to kill him, they werent coming to pick him up 😦

Word went out across the “rescue” community that this kitty would not be treated by the AC and rescue was needed for him to get out of that shelter. I kept seeing the posts and seeing the posts and no one was going to get Nolan, no one……….

Well, no one but HELP 🙂 after a few days of knowing Nolan was in pain in a AC shelter, we stepped in. We went out for help on facebook for donations to save his life. Someone volunteered to get him from their shelter and deliver him to us. So it was off to the vet we went. Poor Nolan WAILED in pain even on pain meds. Its truly a cry that I wont forget.

Here are the updates we were sending to those making donations:
UPDATE 10-27: Good thoughts, prayers and donations appreciated for poor Nolan. He has a fractured pelvis and a horrifying high break in his tail. The xray was just horrible and even with him pumped up on some serious pain meds at our vet, he is still biting at himself in pain 😦 It looks like his tail was almost ripped off the way the break is. Please pray he can eliminate, with that high of a break there is a chance he has nerve damage which could cause him not to be able to eliminate. He will see the specialist in the morning hopefully, please think good thoughts for this precious boy.

NEW UPDATE 10-27: Ok, looking for a special foster home for our special boy Nolan. He is losing his back leg AND tail. Loooong story as to why but basically the pelvis on one side is really shattered and his femoral head (the round part at the top of the leg that goes into the hip socket) is also shattered. This poor boy needs a soft place to fall right now for recovery. Can anyone help? He will have to be caged for a while. I am telling you, this boy is very special, you wont be sorry….at least a couple weeks, please let me know if you can help this boy through his recovery.

10-28: Ok, keep the good thoughts coming for this boy, he is right now in surgery. They just called and once inside they found that his pelvis is more intact then looked on the xrays and the femoral head on the leg is also not as bad as looked. So they are going to remove the femoral head instead of his leg!!! They believe the pelvis will be able to support him after recovery. Please hold good thoughts and prayers that this will work, then he will only have to lose his tail!

NEW 10-28: It’s so great that people are caring! He came through surgery great, they dont think he will need a transfusion but will check his packed cells in the morning and as long as they are still holding (which they probably should now that he has gotten rid of all the fleas) then he will be headed for his recovery foster home. So happy about him not losing his leg also, sad he lost his “plume” tail but at least he has 4 legs and his life!

UPDATE 10-29: Right now, Nolan’s vet bill stands at $2000 but he now has to stay another night. He’s anemia improved a bit overnight, he is still extremely weak. After all this poor boy has been through, we can totally understand that. He has eliminated urine (great news), no poo yet, but he hadnt really been eating either, so that question is still up in the air. Donations stand at $350, thanks so much for all the donations, good thoughts and love sent Nolan’s way *cyndi*

UPDATE 11-1: Nolan’s vet bills are up to $2,800, and he has $500 in donations. He still has not pooped-but he is trying. This is not good. 😦

UPDATE 11-1 Nolan poo’d!!! Yay!!! Now we got over the biggest hurdle and worry!

LOL only rescuers and shelter workers understand the excitement of “poo” 🙂  11/16 – Today Nolan went for his first “check” since the surgery and his recovery is going great. He is slowly putting weight on the leg and is just chatting away. He is back at the shelter for his last few weeks of recovery before being ready for adoption. We are so happy that we were able to save his life, he’s an amazing boy and this time around, we hope he finds a forever family! Thanks for helping us save him, we couldnt do it without you!

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