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Who rescues who?

The last couple weeks have been super busy! A lot of the busyness was adoptions and people bringing in supply donations, yay! We couldnt be more grateful. A couple times in the last few weeks, I could feel my eyes welling in tears with the supplies coming in and people looking like Santa Claws 🙂 coming through the door with stuff for our babies. Its not easy sometimes begging for paper towels and canned kitty food, wondering where the rent money is going to come from, so seeing this helps to remind us that there are people that truly care about our babies and want to help them.

I thought this would also be a great time to share with you some animal’s stories from the last few weeks. Those that we have helped, with YOUR help!

Buckaroo is an FIV+ cat that had struggled with a bad ear infection that wasnt getting better. Once some of the debris was cleared from his ear, the vet could see that there was a “mass” down in the ear. She had to open below his ear on the side of his head and removed a polyp. I couldnt believe the size of it! The same day he had surgery, he was rubbing his head on the side of the cage, the one that just had surgery! Yikes! But the pain was already so much less with that nasty thing out of there that even though he had just had surgery, he felt so much better!

Belle and Oskar lost their home of 14 years, who would give these darlings a second chance? We did! Today they were tested (both negative for the biggies) and got current on vaccinations and over the weekend, one of our great volunteers finally got them all brushed out and their matts removed. Now, we just need to find them a home to live their senior years in, they truly are AWESOME cats!

Burly came to us as a “faint” FeLV+ cat found outside with no claws. He appeared to have some difficulty breathing, so on Thanksgiving, he and I spent the day at the emergency vet. He was anemic and DIABETIC! We began insulin but his breathing got worse and we found that his anemia was getting worse instead of better! After some consulting, the vets decided to put him on a med and within 48 hours, his red blood cells began to rebuild and his anemia was gone and he began to breathe normally. He slept for 2 wks, I swear, after coming into the shelter, he was just exhausted from being on the streets with no claws and trying to find a meal. We are so happy to report that after retesting he is NOT FeLV+. Never trust just one positive test, they CAN be wrong, this has happened more then a handful of times with us! It also appears that he may revert from being diabetic, this can happen with Lantus insulin with cats. So we have to check his glucose often because he is needing less and less 🙂

Nakita is a super shy kitty, in her own environment she is friendly but never really approaches those she doesnt know. We monitor the weights of the kitties at the shelter every month, this way we can tell if a weight loss is happening and can indicate a health issue, kitties are so good at hiding them. Nakita had lost weight and her teeth were needing a cleaning and she had some gingivitis, so we thought that might be doing it, but she only ate a bit better after the dental. Nothing showing in bloodwork or xrays. Off to see the specialist who did an ultrasound, still nothing. He suggested doing a scope which she had the following day and there it was, she had IBD, so much inflammation in her digestive system. We have a treatment set up for her now and hopefully things will be better for her.

Nermal was found to be FIV+ by the finder of this boy, the finders called animal control to pick him up because they were terrified of the disease (no reason to be terrified of it) We heard about this and ran to the AC shelter to get him knowing his FIV status was a death sentence there. Poor thing has cauliflower ears from some sort of trauma or disease but what a sweetheart! One of our awesome volunteers was spending some time with him and said he had horrible breath. A peek inside his mouth, yikes!! Ugly in there! Yesterday he had a dental and many extractions, horrible infected teeth and gums and rotted teeth 😦 Just visited him and wow, he is already a much brighter boy having all that nastiness removed from his mouth!

Isis was also dumped outside the shelter and they “hid” her behind something so we are not sure how long she was there before someone noticed her and came into the shelter to tell us. We felt so bad for her, funny how bad we felt, how bad did the “dumper” feel? Anyway, she appears to be at least 10 years old and VERY thin. We are having a difficult time getting her to eat. She went for bloodwork and it all looks good, so that is hopeful, but we really need to get her to eat. We have tried everything. We refuse to let her give up, we are going to pull her through this and bring back her will to live. Good thoughts for this darling please!

Then there are the puppies (poopies as we lovingly call them because that seems one of their main jobs!). Three little crazy adorable 12 week small breed puppies we just got in from foster care. They were speutered this week and ready to go home. They are so adorable playing and wrestling and “play growling”, how can you watch them and not have your heart filled with joy!?

I still have lots of stories to share but really need to get back to caring for all these babies and many more 🙂 We truly love what we do, even though sometimes its so gutwrenching to watch what these animals have been through. However, we try and focus on them now getting help from us, such a privledge to care for these animals. I cant describe the feeling inside when they look up at you and you can see that trust developing and the gratitude they feel. What is that saying “We think we rescue them, when in fact, they rescue us”! Thank you for all you do to help us to help them, we cant do it without you!

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