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Fundraising meeting minutes 2/7/12

In Attendance:  Cyndi D, Diana U, Shannon V, Shirley M, Nicki R, Tamara H



Volunteers needed:

If you can help out with any of this, please let Cyndi know at 816.318.4357

Adoption events outside of the shelter

  • PetSmart Adoption events (Every Saturday 12p-3p)
  • Major advertised PetSmart adoption events (2/10-12, 5/4-6, 9/14-16, 11/2-4)

Front desk help –

  • to show visitors around the shelter, answer phone, greet visitors, 5-8p Tu-Fr (Training provided)

TNR weekend help needed 2/17-19-

  • We have several locations that we need to be working at and need some man/woman power, training provided, please let know if you can help

Barn party type fundraiser 

This has been put on the back burner until 2013. We were going to do this in conjunction with the Charity Motorcycle Ride but because of getting started a bit later then we hoped, the ride is scheduled in June. Cyndi thought that this was pushing too close to the BTA. Our hope is to have the 2nd Annual 2 Wheels 4 Paws 2013 ending at a barn party fundraiser.

2/11 “31 Party” at shelter

1-4pm, Diana said everything is in place, we could always use extra help around the shelter during that time period if anyone has time available. Stacy S and Pat J will be bringing goodies for quests.

2/25 “Scentsy Party” at shelter

12-3pm, Would anyone have time to do goodies for this party? Everything else is set to go for this event. Melissa said she has already recd online orders. We could also use help around the shelter this afternoon also

3/3 “HELP Humane day at Belton Bob Evans”

6a-9p We will get 15% of each ticket that is accompanied by one of our flyers. This will run all day, which is awesome, most places only allowed a couple hours. And we are able to do this once a month if we can get it going. We are also able to have a table set up there to hand out Shelter buddy brochures (not the meal percentage flyer) If anyone is available to sit for an hour or so and talk to people about HELP, we really need you. 8a-10a is filled, please let or know if you can help out. This is a great opportunity to make a bit of money and get our word out there!

4/28 “Picassos for Pets” (tentative date)

Diana has been checking out some other places for the Picassos this year. Melissa had checked into the Uptown rooms but we were having a hard time with a date there that worked for them and our schedules. Eagles Landing Golf Course has event rooms (in Belton off of 155th st). Miranda will be looking at the place and making a final decision on it. The date was open at the time that Diana called, which would be a really good date for HELP. Miranda is going to need alot of help getting art pieces once the date has been set. If you have connections and/or would like to help with this contact


5/5 “Cinco De Meow” at shelter

Stacy had this idea as an adoption event at the shelter. We could reduce the adoption fee to $55 and promote a party to celebrate it. Not too many details are worked out yet, but if you would like to help, we need help! Contact

May “Open House and Baby Kitten Shower” at shelter

In the meeting we discussed this being in May and decided that the theme would be “baby kitten shower” again since it really goes over so well. One of our adopters has some ideas to present about having vendor booths at this event, she was unable to make it to the meeting but hopes to make the next one to present the ideas. (On a side note, after looking at the calendar, we will probably move this to end of June)

6/2 “2 Wheels 4 Paws” Charity Motorcycle Ride

We have already made quite a bit of progress on this event. The ride will start at Rawhide Harley in Olathe. Rawhide will be feeding breakfast to the riders before they begin. Someone is planning the route they will go, they will end up at the shelter, which will give us some good exposure. Jack Stack’s BBQ will be catering a meal at the shelter for the riders when they arrive. We already have Rawhide Harley and Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center as sponsors for the event!! We do have a sponsorship presentation package available if anyone would like a copy, email Cyndi put in a request to have Dave O from Mix 93 at the shelter to “emcee” the goings on there, however, he said he wasnt sure if he could because he was 50/50 on vacation (not sure what that means….LOL) but he wants Cyndi to contact him mid-March to see if we can get Mix 93 involved and he will have a final answer about him emceeing. We discussed whether we should try and get Johnny Dare, Nicki has a contact and so did Diana. So it was decided to work on getting someone else there until mid March. If we could find another DJ etc to commit before Dave O asked me to get back with him, then we will go with whoever we can get to commit.

We will be having a raffle back at the shelter, some tickets will be included in the price of the entry fee along with the Jack Stack meal. We will have tshirts for sale that will have sponsor logos etc on them and the name of the ride. It was suggested by our contact at Rawhide to include the meal in the entry fee and sell the tshirts separately. The entry fee is $25. We are looking for sponsors and raffle donations at this point.  Will need LOTS of help the day of the ride at Rawhide and the shelter. or if you can help that day, if you can help getting raffle donations/sponsors.

9/8 5th Annual “A Black Tail Affair”

Cyndi was a bit slow getting this going this year, but now has Ritz Charles booked for 9/8/12, we need a theme though. We like to keep with the “A Night Among/or in”  1st year – A Night Among the Stars, 2nd year – A Night in Vegas 3rd year – A Night Among Heroes and 4th year – A Night of Childhood Memories. We are looking for suggestions from everyone. This is a formal dinner, silent and live auction, scrumptious 5 course meal, HELP presentation. A request to channel 9 has been submitted for Bryan to emcee (waiting to find out on that), Tanna Guthrie has signed on for her second year as auctioneer. We have Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care as a host sponsor again. The sponsorship package is almost ready for presentation to potential sponsors if anyone would like a copy to present to anyone. We are looking for auction items also. We need lots of helping getting sponsors and auction items if anyone can help Also looking for free advertising venues along with someone to write press releases and submit to various media.

Mystery Theatre-

This has been tossed around several times and this meeting I added it to the agenda again as we are really in need of some bigger fundraisers and Cyndi believes that this could be one if someone we willing to tackle it. We would need to purchase a “play”, they are cheap online and have some students from local high schools or even colleges that could do the performance. Cyndi doesn’t really think it would be really hard to plan, just need someone willing to head it up J

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm




Shop online through this website and we receive a portion of the sale when you choose HELP Humane as the shelter you are shopping for. It’s very easy money for HELP


Best Choice labels and Paw Points

There are drop boxes for Paw Points and Best Choice food labels in the front room of the shelter. These can be redeemed for animal related items. Paw Points come with Fresh Step litter (Scoop Away isn’t included anymore). The Best Choice brand is available at many local groceries.


Recycling to earn the shelter money

HELP accepts aluminum cans, paper (we now have a paper recycling bin located on the side parking lot of the shelter. We will need lots of paper to make this a good fundraiser, so please, bring your newspapers, catalogs, and junk mail and school papers by and drop them in our bin. Also, you can bring your shredded papers, but leave them in a trash bag with holes punched in it, (but please, no phone books) old cell phones, ink and toner cartridges.  This doesn’t get us tons of revenue but its no work, please pass the word and along with that, we are doing our part in helping keep this stuff out of landfills.  We also accept cell phones, inkjet and laser cartridges for recycling.  You can help from filling the landfills in our country and the animals all at one time.  Please contact Shirley at with questions about the cell phone and empty cartridges. –

I know you see this month after month.  I ordered printer cartridges from a firm supporting igive and made close to $7 for HELP on a single order.   There are many online merchants that will donate money to HELP through purchases made online.  The purchase price will be the same as if you shopped directly at that site, so this is simply a big bonus for HELP!  Simply go to sign yourself up.  HELP will receive an added $5 donation the first time you use the program. or iSearchiGive –

Anytime you need to do a search online, please use these search engines and designate your money to go to HELP Humane Society.  Doesn’t cost you a thing and gets us much needed funds.

Shelter Buddies –

We are well below our goal of 2000 Shelter Buddies; please consider talking to your friends about it.  Gayle has designed a stunning brochure about it.  I am sure she would be happy to email it to anyone that would like to keep copies on their desks or ask friends to sign up.  Gayle’s email addy is if you would like to receive an electronic copy to distribute.


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