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Laya, the princess, is a survivor

A couple of weeks ago someone contacted us about finding a cat at their place of employment that was rail thin and had labored breathing . She took the kitten home but couldn’t afford to take her to the vet. We have been cautious on intake while we build our shelter buddy support so while pondering payment for what I thought was going to be a diaphragmatic hernia, we got a call. A call from a couple that wanted to make a donation to help start-up an Emergency Veterinary Care Fund in memory of a precious dog they adopted and changed their life. So I felt comfortable with bringing her in for care, we just had to figure it out!

As it turned out, this six month old princess did have a diaphragmatic hernia. This is when the intestines are up in the chest cavity not allowing the lungs to fully expand. This can be a congenital defect but more often it’s caused by trauma.

Laya was off to see the surgeon to determine if she was a good candidate for surgery; she was. On April 17, she went under for surgery, this surgery is very risky but must happen in order for her to live. We were all holding our breath, thinking good thoughts and several hours later the surgeon called to say she was out of surgery and had done really well. This was despite the fact that once inside she found the injury was an old one as scar tissue had grown. She was being kept highly sedated to keep down the pain but the surgeon felt good about the outcome.

The next 24 hours are critical so not being able to sleep, I called about 12 hours after her surgery to check on her and they said she was now up and around and purring! Everyone is crazy about this little sweetheart.

Even though she must have pain from the surgery, she just has to already feel so much better being able to breathe without struggling. This little girl must have been in horrible pain when the trauma first happened and since then she has been struggling to breathe. Animals cannot just walk into a hospital ER and ask for help, they have to look with their eyes and hopefully make eye contact with someone who will stop and help them.

We are so grateful this little princess survived what she went through and will soon be looking for her very own family. We havent got the total on her veterinary bill yet but some other donations have also come in to help out. We are so appreciative for the donation that first started her rescue and those that have donated since, YOU are the reasons she will soon be surrounded by love at the shelter as she awaits that purrfect family, thank you!!

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