Princess Arianna…..

It’s taken me a bit to get to a place where I could write this Princess’ tribute. It was June 2, 2012 around 1pm that Princess Arianna left her earthly body for The Bridge. I will miss her so.

Arianna was brought to HELP Humane as a 3 week old kitten needing to be bottlefed. Anyone that has bottlefed knows that a single bottle fed kitten is a total brat. Because they don’t grow up with siblings, they don’t really learn how to “be good”. They believe it should be their way or no way. I looked at the crossed eyes of this little charmer and I was in. Now, I have to say that I am the worst bottle feeder there is because I just panic when they don’t eat well and that is not a good energy to send when a baby is needing a mama to comfort them. But how could I say no to this?

So, her and I survived her bottle feeding and she went to a home shortly after appropriate weight for spaying. There were a couple of times in her 5 years out on adoption, her family called saying that she was a biter and they were going to bring her back but they never followed through. (ALOT of single bottle babies are biters)  In February 2011, they did return her, but not for the biting but because she had some bad potty habits.

After her return, we tested her (again, we always test all our cats for Feline Leukemia and FIV when they come in), she tested Feline Leukemia positive (she was NOT when she went out on adoption). We felt like we had been punched in the stomach. Sometime while out in her home she was exposed to and contracted Feline Leukemia.  This would mean a shorter lifespan for this Princess. After discussing her return with the family, we found out that their vet was pretty incompetent and never even did checks for urinary tract infections. So, off to the vet where we found out that she had all sorts of issues with her booty. *sigh*

We have an awesome foster family that adopted a Feline Leukemia positive cat from us a few years back and fosters them for us also. This family decided to foster the Princess. She was never really a big fan of other cats as she really thought she should have a queendom of her own. So, she made her place in the bedroom of the youngest in her foster family. Arianna would watch over her at night sleeping above her head.

About eight months ago, our vet did a procedure on Arianna’s booty that corrected most of her issues with her booty and she was so happy not to be missed with every day in that area 🙂 and life was good.

Earlier this year, her foster family began noticing her not wanting to eat and their fears were confirmed when visiting our vet with the weight loss. Tests were done and meds were started but our Princess Arianna likely had lymphoma which would take her life. Many Feline Leukemia positive cats end up with lymphoma 😦

So Princess Arianna spent her last couple months training a new Princess. Princess Pammy. Princess Pammy was brought into a local Animal Control Shelter with an injured eye. We pulled the kitten into our shelter and got the injured eye removed and then found out she was also Feline Leukemia positive. The young daughter in our above foster home always wanted to foster a kitten, but since they had to be Feline Leukemia positive, she hadn’t gotten the chance at that. Well, this time she did, in fact, this awesome family took on 2 kittens that were positive.

Princess Arianna trained Princess Pammy to take over the throne when her time was up and Princess Pammy was like glue to Princess Arianna. Foster family went on vacation right before it was Arianna’s time, but she apparently decided to wait for them to return before she was leaving. In her last few days, she had given up eating and on the morning of June 2, foster family wasnt even sure she was still “there”, her eyes were glazed and she just looked past everyone. She was telling them it was her time.

So, foster family surrounded her with love as she left us behind. Even foster daughter was there for her Princess and it was her first time being there while putting an animal to peace. Her passing was peaceful and full of love. Princess Arianna went on to her next queendom and left us behind in tears. We are not sure that she received much kindness in her lifetime between the times we had her but we know she knew it the first and last part of her life. I am quite sure that as Princess Pammy took over her crown that Princess Arianna was proud of her own work. And we also believe that she still watches over her little human Princess at night. Godspeed Princess Arianna……….


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  1. 1

    Lisa Meyer said,

    Rest in peace sweet girl

  2. 2

    Amanda Piacenza said,

    So sad that her supposed forever family and their vet failed this sweet baby. RIP Arianna, enjoy the never-ending catnip fields and sunshine!

  3. 3

    Teresa Bradley Bays, DVM, CVA said,

    Thanks for sharing the kitten picture! Godspeed Miss Ariana and blessings to your wonderful foster family and for Cyndi and the staff at HELP Humane Society for allowing this kitty to have love filled moments in her short life!

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