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Vivica made her presence known!

In November 2011, we saw a post asking for rescue of a very sick kitten at the KCMO animal control facility. We made contact with the facility and said we would take this little one into our care. A volunteer arrived that night and we looked at the kitten and she was not the one posted, however, we couldn’t send her back, so the volunteer promised to deliver the very sick one the following day.

My heart was just about broken thinking of this little girl staying one more night in this shelter but we waited until the following day. When I came into the shelter the next day, I looked behind the counter to see this:

Get well Vivica

I burst into tears. A good supporter had brought this in for the arrival of Vivica, after fretting all night about her, it just brought me to tears that this person felt the need to worry about her also. Anyway, shortly thereafter, she arrived, extremely pitiful looking, in fact, hard to look at but even through her so sick eyes, you could see fight in there!

Vivica kitten 11

So tiny and so so sick! An amazing foster home had stepped up to foster her and get her well so she could up for adoption. She also agreed to foster the unexpected arrival the night before. This foster family worked so hard at getting this little gem well, it seemed to take forever. So many meds and getting her to eat etc etc. Finally she was well and ready to be spayed and go up for adoption. We were shocked when she went in to be spayed and tested, she came back Feline Leukemia positive 😦 We retested just to make sure and there was no doubt! We were all feeling punched in the gut and it also left us wondering, how in the hell did she get well? A kitten with Feline Leukemia and that sick recovering is nearly unheard of. I remember thinking to myself, “this little girl is one bada** kitten” She just wasnt going down without a fight.  Here she is after being spayed and going up for adoption

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

A new plan had to be made with Ms Vivica now knowing she was FeLV+, she would go to live in our FeLV cottage. But while waiting to get her moved in there, our amazing FeLV+ foster family stepped up and said they would bring her into their home. We were all ecstatic! Because its next to impossible to find a FeLV+ kitty a home but they don’t deserve to die just because they wont have a normal kitty lifespan, we couldn’t have been happier that this little girl would live in a home with a family.

Just a bit over a month or so ago, her eye began to swell and we thought it was just an eye infection. When the swelling seemed to keep going even with medical intervention, she saw a specialist and she was diagnosed with a rapid growing cancerous growth. In the last few weeks, her adoring foster family tended to all her needs and we searched for a treatment that might slow it down or stop it to no avail. Most of this time, this little bada** was not going down without a fight and fight she did. She maintained her weight, kept giving her foster family the look of “why so worried, can’t you see there are birds to watch outside and things to get into?”. Our veterinarian was just astounded at her, she said “usually with this cases, they feel as bad as the cancer is going” In other words, she should be going downhill as the growth was almost exploding, but she didn’t. Until her very last day, she enjoyed everything a kitty enjoys in life and with gusto. On Sunday, February 3, she could no longer fight and her foster family knew it was time to help her to cross to The Bridge.

We can’t imagine what the Bridge is like now with Vivica’s arrival. We are sure she is causing a stir there and there are probably others saying “wow, what in the heck is the newbie up to?”. We are happy she is no longer suffering and also happy that she didn’t appear to really be ill, despite her appearance, until her last day. Thank you to all of you that loved and cared for this ornery little girl who carved a place in anyone’s heart that crossed her path. Larsons, thank you for getting her well enough to live a year after we rescued her, thank you Verrinders for loving her like she deserved and sharing her antics with us and Dr. Smith for trying so hard to save her and Dr Bradley for putting her to peace on a weekend evening. Godspeed Ms Vivica, thank you for crossing our path and making us smile so many times, you have lots to explore in your new place, I know you are already into things you are not supposed to ……….

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