This boy is full of spirit and love. He was born with small underdeveloped eyeballs that have no sight. He was taken in by a family at 8 wks old and given up to a high intake shelter at 9 years old. We were contacted by someone to pull him from the shelter as they were going to have a difficult time finding him a home. When he got to HELP Humane, he had a serious eye infection, well, guess I should say eye socket infection. With antibiotics and eye drops, his sockets came around great and he is much more comfortable now.

Jacques came to us rail thin and his coat was a greasy mess. Since then he has filled out to a perfect weight and his coat is soft as a bunny’s fur. He gives the best hugs ever, he is actually holding on to make sure he is safe but we count them as hugs. During one of his exams, the vet noticed he was painful in the area of his stomach. After xrays and an ultrasound, the vets are still not exactly sure what is happening in that area. Right now we are waiting to see what happens. He needs to have the underdeveloped eyes removed and the sockets sutured shut so that he will not have the infections.  This boy plays with toys and looks across the room at you coming as if he does have sight, however, he does not.  Add to all of this that he was declawed, so he has no sight and no claws (his first line of defense) and its just amazing how he is still such an amazing personality. He deserved help and we are so happy to be able to give it to this boy.

Jacques cat 213

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