Wellington’s plea was posted on a high intake shelter’s page for rescue, they were not able to help him and his time was limited. Animal Control was called to an address about an injured cat. This resident had called saying a cat had drug himself onto her porch and was unable to move. We have rescued several cats like this and they have just needed some medication and rehabilitation time and they recovered. In the picture posted on their page, Wellington’s gorgeous copper eyes just looked into ours (and many others) souls, he just needed some help.

Wellington has an eartip (that means that has was part of a trap/neuter/return) program at one time. We obviously dont know his story but at this time our vet believes that he has a parasite and we are treating him for that. He is regaining strength every day and eating like a champ. And those copper eyes are brighter and more hopeful. He is still a bit apprehensive of people and loud noises but he is getting better every day.
Wellington cat 13

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