Dion was being fed as a part of a feral colony. It was obvious that he wasnt feral and began to want to enter the caretaker’s home. She was able to pet him one day and was horrified at how his backbone and ribs were so easily felt. She contacted HELP Humane and asked us to take over his care if she brought him inside, we agreed. At his first examination, he was tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV and found to actually be positive for both the retrovirus’. What a shame to be having to start from there 😦

His caretaker agreed to hold onto him until there was an opening at our Feline Leukemia Cottage where he could have a great life hanging with friends and watching all the wildlife on their screened in porch. After only a short time, Dion’s foster mom noticed that he was having balance problems and off to the vet he went again. He was extremely dehydrated and had multiple issues including parasites and spent a week being hospitalized. He then was allowed to go back to his foster home and did great for a short period of time before he again had a crisis and at that time, he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. At that point, we knew his time was limited but we hoped for the best.

Poor Dion was a young long haired black cat, not a stand out from the crowd boy but he got dealt a crummy hand and after only a few weeks back at his foster home, he had multiple seizures and passed away before he could even return to the vet. Such a loving little soul that purred through all the medical procedures, we believe he knew he was getting help. We know he is at peace now, we just wish we could have helped him sooner.

Dion cat 13

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