This adorably handsome boy was caught in a situation where a family fell apart and he needed someone to be able to devote time to his medical condition. Professor is a diabetic and when we rescued him, we had no idea of his personality. After a day of him refusing to eat, we made an appt for him to get a full bloodwork up. He was actually just limp when we rushed him in. He was in a diabetic crisis when we got him but being on a weekend and not knowing his personality, we didnt know. The vet started IV fluids for dehydration and began syringe feeding him. He also had a bit of a cold. After 2 days of hospitalization, he returned to the shelter a completely different cat. This was not the same cat we rescued. He is bright eyed and very attentive to his surroundings. He loves affection, especially a soft stroke between his eyes on his smooshed nose. We are happy we were able to rescue this boy and give him a second chance. Our vet said it was a good thing we got him there when we did otherwise he might not have made it and boy what a loss that would have been. We love this gentle little man that really asks very little but has loads to give back.

Professor cat 13

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