Alone at least 2 years on the streets, having babies and more babies. We have no idea what happened to the babies. Now, there is no way this is any kind of life to lead, yet no one helped the cycle stop. People fed her and noticed she was pregnant and not and pregnant again.

This time someone asked for help for Astrid. This poor mama cat is maybe 8 years old and still having babies on the streets. This is definitely her last litter and she is now safe inside with her only surviving baby. One was stillborn, another passed away at only about 48 hours old. How horrible for this mama cat to be continuing to go through this.

After getting her to safety, she and her surviving baby were checked out by our vet. Astrid turns out to be FIV+, which could explain why only one baby survived. We will be retesting soon. This also means that there is a slight possibility that this little one will also be FIV+, not likely but a possibility 😦

During her vet exam, it was also discovered that she has a horribly decaying mouth that will need extensive work when she is done nursing the little one. An 8 year old cat with FIV and totally black has only a sight chance for adoption, but she still deserves to live and give it her best shot at adoption. She definitely deserved better than giving birth on the streets continuously with the babies likely not surviving. At the very least, this little lady will be able to get her horrible mouth fixed and relax for the rest of her life. At the very best, she will be snuggling in a circle of family love someday. Please help us care for sweet Astrid and her surviving baby.Astrid and baby

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    Marie-Odile Fortier said,

    I cannot wait to meet her! I am drawn to the black cats, older cats, and FIV+ cats, and Astrid is all of that. She looks so beautiful in the photo with her baby. I am so glad you took her in and now she will be safe and will soon no longer have a painful mouth.

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