This petite little girl found herself in a predicament, actually a couple of them. The first one was when she found herself lost on the streets, of course, no one will know if she was lost or abandoned but either way, on the streets. She is so tiny and was very thin when she was brought in to a high intake shelter. An amazing supervisor there took her under her wing and gave her special feedings to try and get some weight back on her, but it didnt go so well. She ate well but barely gained any weight so the supervisor had taken her as far as funds from the city would take her and she reached out for help for this little one.

A Good Samaritan paid for blood work to find out what might be amiss in which an idea on what was going on inside. Then we took over her care from that point. Not much on bloodwork and we ran more along with xrays and other tests. Right now, we are giving this quiet little soul lots of TLC and time, time to recover and recouperate, time to prepare for another start at life, a fresh one. We will give her all she needs until she is ready and able to move on to that new family that will love her like we do.

??????????????????????????????? Brielle cat 13

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