“HELP Humane – We are Run from the heart”

Every day, 365 days a year, we are bombarded with calls, walk ins and emails for help for animals. Many, many are from owners wanting to give up their own pets or an unwanted litter their own pet had, sadly enough. And still many more from people finding strays needing help. And many pleas from other shelters to take animals they are afraid will be killed, some for shear space. Of course, all the pleas hurt, they hurt because we hurt for those animals. People make threats about what they will do to the animals if we don’t take them. Sometimes they yell at us, threaten the animal or write nasty things to us in emails, and yes, that hurts also. If people would only stop and think that if we had unlimited space and financial resources, we would gladly take every single one of them. THAT is what would be easiest on us, not to say “sorry, we have no room and money is short”

Then there are the pleas that keep me from sleeping, the ones that make my eyes well with tears when they unexpectedly cross my mind again, the ones that haunt me so much that I wish I could pull the covers over my head and “check out” for a while. People tell me all the time, “you have to stop saving these true hard luck cases, our finances cannot take it”. Oh, and I say this to myself all the time also, but it usually doesn’t work. My head knows it, my heart can’t accept it. This helpless injured, sick or neglected animal cannot be rescued because there is no money?? How can this be the deciding factor as to who gets help and who doesn’t? How can we say “no, we cannot help because the funds are just not there to help” So, that puts HELP Humane in a place where we are asking for your help. We have really run up some VERY high  veterinary care bills rescuing the most neediest of needy homeless animals. If you can help in ANY way, we are in need because we helped these animals get their second chance, I would like to share some of their stories and you too could see how we couldn’t not help them, now we need your help……..

Wellington – http://wp.me/pgZWh-a6

Jacques – http://wp.me/pgZWh-aa

Professor – http://wp.me/pgZWh-af

Dion – http://wp.me/sgZWh-dion

Brielle – http://wp.me/pgZWh-aA

Shadow Gray – http://wp.me/pgZWh-aE

Astrid and baby – http://wp.me/pgZWh-aR

If any of these stories touch you and you would like to make a donation to their care, please visit www.helphumane.org and click on the make a donation link. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to care for these precious deserving animals. We know together we can continue to help those that need us the most.

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