Shadow Gray

None of us can imagine this happening to us. Poor Shadow Gray’s person passed away and no one in his person’s family wanted him, so he found himself in a high intake shelter, not knowing anyone and he was already ill. What he did have going for him was a pair of eyes that could make that special plea to everyone for help. His sea foam green eyes against his gray fur couldn’t be missed. Shadow only weighed 4 pounds and a matted mess. A plea went out for help for this incredible kitty and we answered it.

Shadow was hyperthyroid, fairly common in older cats. There is a drug not labeled for cats that we could give him to treat the symptoms. The drug is extremely harsh, many cats cannot tolerate it and you must constantly monitor blood work on these kitties making sure they are getting the correct dose. HELP Humane prefers to get the treatment to cure the hyper thyroid. The cost is higher up front but it cures the condition and in the long run, its less expensive than the pills (that can be dangerous) and the blood work to keep going in the right direction with treatment.

In January, Shadow Gray had his hyperthyroid treatment and several weeks later, he began to gain weight like a champ. Then he suddenly lost several ounces in a week, not good. We had him back to the vet and discovered that he has kidney disease. We will manage his kidney disease and give him a good rest of his life, which could be a long time considering kidney disease can certainly be managed in a kitty.

We adore this handsome grandpa and are pretty sure he is fairly fond of us also 🙂 We are so happy to be able to help the helpless animals when they find themselves in what seems to be the worst situation possible, knowing no one and dependent on a kind hand. This gentle soul doesnt have to worry about that anymore!


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