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A Black Tail Affair 2011

I think everyone that attended had a great time, at least everyone that I heard from had good things to say. This was the first year that we held and ended the silent auction before the program even began. Some people were late and missed the silent auction because the 9/11 Ride. Its tons of motorcycles that ride down the main highway to get to this event, its in honor of those lost on 9/11.

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped before during and after the event!! Miranda you did an amazing job! Miranda is so creative, she has the greatest ideas and they just flow out, thank you for all your hard work! And all of you working to get auction items donated, you did good! And those working the event, you all looked amazing and did a great job in all the “behind the scenes chaos”, we are sure no one noticed 🙂

Let me thank the sponsors, without these businesses, we would literally not be able to have such a grand event! Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center along with Adopt A Senior Pet were our Humanitarian Sponsors. Fiorelli’s Jack Stack Catering and Pet and Home Setting were table sponsors. You all ROCK! Thank you for believing in what we do and helping us to continue!

Thanks to those that attended, after all, no matter what the event, without attendees, it’s just useless 🙂 There were approximately 160 people who attended and enjoyed their evening.

Thank you SO much to all those that donated the amazing auction items, both silent and live. All the themed baskets were so beautiful! All of you that donated the items, we just can’t thank you enough!

Tanna Guthrie was our auctioneer this year for the first time, she was FABULOUS and she brought help along to help people to bid *wink*. They were loads of fun and made for some good laughs between bidders. Bryan Busby was our MC again this year and Tanna and Bryan did great working together in the live auction. Bryan is a hoot and a huge cat lover.

Before the live auction, I did a “tiny” plea and then ran a slide show (with music) about the shelter, many of our special rescues and highlighting what we do that is “different” then the traditional shelter. While it was running, I could hear eating utensils and was worried no one was watching, but when it ended, Tanna did her “fund-a-need” plea and asked who would donate $1000 to HELP, I held my breath and then heard her say “Number XX will give $1000, who else?” and I heard her say it again 3 more times! My eyes were welling with tears (of course, they weren’t dry from the slide show yet either!) She went down the money amounts and in the end, HELP had been donated $4400 just in the fund-a-need!! A lot of the volunteers and attendees said that part really choked them up also.

Everyone had fun playing the retro games placed around the rooms and reading the posters about our rescues, oh, yeah and the retro candy table (even candy cigarettes, remember those!?) The band “Rhythm Method” began playing about 9:30 after the auction. We got a lot of good comments on them, but others thought we shouldnt have had them, so opinions were mixed 🙂

So, I know you are all wondering what the event made for the shelter, so here it is………..just over $31,000!!!! Last year, we made $23,000, so you can clearly see, this year, when it was needed the most, it made enough for 1.5 more months of expenses! That will give us more time to get our 2000 shelter buddies we need to keep our doors open!

Hope you enjoy the pictures posted on FB and again, thank you SO much for everything you do to help the orphaned animals in our care……….you are making a difference to so many animals that would never have had a chance otherwise……..we are so appreciative of all you do to help us care for them!!

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