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This adorably handsome boy was caught in a situation where a family fell apart and he needed someone to be able to devote time to his medical condition. Professor is a diabetic and when we rescued him, we had no idea of his personality. After a day of him refusing to eat, we made an appt for him to get a full bloodwork up. He was actually just limp when we rushed him in. He was in a diabetic crisis when we got him but being on a weekend and not knowing his personality, we didnt know. The vet started IV fluids for dehydration and began syringe feeding him. He also had a bit of a cold. After 2 days of hospitalization, he returned to the shelter a completely different cat. This was not the same cat we rescued. He is bright eyed and very attentive to his surroundings. He loves affection, especially a soft stroke between his eyes on his smooshed nose. We are happy we were able to rescue this boy and give him a second chance. Our vet said it was a good thing we got him there when we did otherwise he might not have made it and boy what a loss that would have been. We love this gentle little man that really asks very little but has loads to give back.

Professor cat 13

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2011 BTA Auction Letter

Click on the link to download the 2011 BTA Auction Letter as a Word document.

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Jordan, the white prince

The first time I saw Jordan, I was mortified. I was trapping at a home in a mobile home park and it was raining. It was early evening and getting dark and I see this gorgeous boy come up on the deck and then notice, his ears are just horrible. I knock on the door to the home and ask the caretaker about this boy. She says that he comes around about once a week. I asked her if his ears were always like that and she says yes, and oh, that he is “sort of” friendly. I went back to the car and waited for him to appear again. I could tell he was really hungry and he didn’t mind me being very close but did not want me to touch him. So I got a carrier and brought it to the porch and began to toss pieces of food into the carrier to try to get him to go in and me shut the door behind him.  I was drenched in the rain and it kept coming down but I was determined to not leave there without him. His ears were so bloody and infected, there was no way I was leaving him behind!

Several times he would get so far in and then race back out, again and again, then finally I was able to get the door shut behind him and I threw my hands up in the air and whispered “yay!” so as not to scare him. My niece was in the car rooting me on and she yelled “yay” too!

Back to the shelter we went with this boy. After getting into a smaller room there in case he was in flight mode, I begin to open the carrier and he slowly walked out and right up to us. I think he knew he was going to get some help and after all that rain time, he decided to give me a break. He went to the vet the next morning, he had ear mites so bad that he had just been mutilating himself 😦 He was already neutered, so someone cared for him at one time. The caretaker said someone moved off and left him behind 😦

Oh, and Jordan also tested FIV+, which I knew would complicate his condition and healing. It took quite sometime to get his ears cleared and they are still scarred. But wow, everyone fell in love with this white prince. He is such a love bug and so awesome with the other cats. He was like the grandpa in the FIV+ room. He would groom any kitty that asked. And if you went in there, it was next to impossible to get sit down before he was in your lap. Such a gentle kind prince.

About a year later, we noticed he was not feeling well and we found that he had mega colon. Sometimes you can manage this condition with supportive care and the right mix of meds, but in Jordan’s case, we tried and tried and it just didn’t happen. He had to go to a specialist and have his colon removed. In the year following, he struggled some but it was much more manageable.

In July, 2010, a woman came in and wanted to adopt a cat to keep her small dog company. We told her about the FIV+ cats because she didn’t have another cat and she was up for it. She spent some time in the room and really loved Jordan, as everyone did. He was always the “parenting” type so we thought he might do well “parenting” her dog, so Jordan was adopted! We got to hear stories about him as she would visit often, it was so great to hear about him, we all missed him.

The last few months, Jordan has been randomly ceasing to eat, so he would go in for a vet visit and he would be on the verge of hepatic lipidosis but would get better after a couple of days of being hospitalized. At one time, he had all his teeth removed because they just were so bad, so sometimes we wondered if his mouth bothered him, maybe that was why he wasnt eating.

Last week after only about 2 wks of being out of the vet clinic, he stopped eating again, something was just wrong. The vets said he had become really jaundice quickly, fluid was building in his abdomen and wasnt getting better like before. On Friday night, an awesome vet at Blue Pearl met me there late so he could do an ultrasound on Jordan because something needed to be done quickly. The worst news, a mass in his liver. His mom and us decided that we weren’t going to put this prince through anymore. His mom took him home on Saturday and will wait for Jordan to tell her that its time for him to go.

There are so many people saddened by this, our little prince didn’t have an easy life by any stretch of the imagination. But we are so grateful to be a big part of making this boy’s life better and definitely filled with love the last 5 years of his life. He truly couldn’t be loved more. Thanks for hanging with us you gentle prince, we are blessed to have been able to rescue you, you made our lives happier to have had you in it. We hope your journey to The Bridge is peaceful and gentle like you sweet Prince

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Our Pink girl needs some good thoughts and prayers. She is in hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) right now. If cats stop eating for any extended period of time they can develop this disease. Here is a link about it

Pink came to us as a skinny girl and had been scavenging so long for food, she just ate and ate because she was sure the food would be gone the next time she looked.

She is super quiet and really doesn’t approach for attention but does love it when someone comes to her. She does do “hard” love bites if you pet her for too long, she gets over stimulated.

Last week, we had to have a feeding tube inserted to get her fed enough to get her past this disease. She is really taking it well and keeping it down so that is a good sign.

Please keep Pink in your thoughts and prayers that we can pull her through this….

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