As 2013 comes to a close……….my thoughts

As we close out another year and welcome in 2014, we look back on all the lives saved and second chances given by HELP Humane. Yes, we are very proud of our work and the organization. No, we don’t save the most lives or do the most adoptions or even have the biggest building or the biggest following. BUT, what we do have is an organization that is run from the heart. All the staff and volunteers love the orphans in our care as if they are our own. Our eyes well with tears when they go out on adoption, happy tears for the adopted animal and a wisp of sadness for ourselves as we know we will miss them.

We know we rescue so many of the saddest cases, we know our hearts have broken many times when we have met that injured sad furry face coming in our front doors. The ones that no one wanted to take on because the recovery time was too long or the expense for treatment was too much. The ones that had almost given up. Many of us have cried into their fur thinking about what they might have went through.

We also know we are an organization that specializes in cats, we rescue dogs, but we specialize in cats. Both cats and dogs are 1st class citizens at our shelter. Very few shelters can say this. This is not always a popular idea as cats are seen as more disposable than dogs. However, we also know that the problem with homeless cats is much larger and more daunting than that of homeless dogs. There are also many shelters and rescues that only rescue dogs and specialize in dogs. We love both and rescue both, we just have a smaller number of dogs in our care.

We know we go into the shelter every day and never know what we will encounter but we know for sure what we want and do our best in the best interest of all the orphans in our care. We can have the best day with a very special animal going home or a sick animal beginning to eat on their own and in the same day have to hold a paw as the vet releases them from their pain from an illness that beat them and us. But every day, we KNOW we are making a difference in these very precious lives in our care. We look into their eyes and we know. We know………..

We also know that we may not have the most supporters but we know we have the best supporters on our team. Our volunteers are the most dedicated and loving people you could imagine. They know all the animal’s names and they worry when they are not feeling well. They rejoice and cry with us in each victory and defeat in fighting for these precious lives. We also know we work with the best vets also, they also rejoice and cry with us. They also deeply care for our orphans. Belton Animal Clinic and Exotic Care Center (Dr Smith and Dr. Bradley-Bays) and Belton Veterinary Center (Dr Kelly).

And our supporters like you who give of their hard earned money as gifts for the care of these precious lives, we are not a complete team without you. It takes a village (or team) to make a difference and if any aspect of it is not there, its just not going to happen like it has been. We just began our 9th year having a brick and mortar facility and our 17th year as an organization. You simply dont do that alone, it takes a team. Thank you for trusting and believing in us! We wont let you or the animals down!

Please watch our facebook page and these newsletters for upcoming events. This year we will also be doing more snail mail newsletters because of a great deal the post office has now. If you would prefer to receive only the online email like this or the snail mail only, just hit reply and let us know.

Within 24 hours, we will bid farewell to 2013. If you havent made all your tax deductible donations that you would like to give for 2013, here is a link to our online fundraiser to cover our vet bills. Even if you are unable to give at this time, please still go to the page to read some of our stories of second chances and please share this email with those that might be interested in helping out. Click the below link to read the stories.
Vet care online fundraiser 

Wishing you every happiness and prosperity in the New Year. Thank you for being on our team, we could never really convey how much we appreciate you. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year.
All the best to you and your family,

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